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Retail's Bitch
12-02-2006, 02:37 PM
Ever have a day where it seems to get better, only to get worse, and by then end of it - when stuff seems to have turned around for the better - you're royally shit on by the pigeon of life? That's what my week has been so far...

Monday I had the store management breathing down my neck because despite writing on ALL our receipts. "FINAL ADJUSTMENTS MUST be made BY SUNDAY!!!" We had a bunch of customers phone on Monday morning after film was cut and shipped. "Can I make changes to my order!?" 99.9% took the loss like good boys and girls and realized they were morons and dealt with it. One woman didn't like the answer she was given. "No. You can't make changes after Sunday. The film is GONE! You were TOLD THIS!!! AND IT'S ON YOUR RECEIPT!!!" So she went to store management. Instead of the SM coming to us and saying. "Hey what's up?" He tells her she can have the $14.95 sitting fee waived. (Mistake #1 in not knowing our policies. WE DON'T HAVE A SITTING FEE. That $14.95 is the price of the damned package!) And a free sheet for her inconvenience. So because she can't follow basic instructions, she's being rewarded for it. But the SM doesn't know her name or her phone number. Thanks genius.

Wednesday there wasn't anything entirely spectacular customer-wise. Just your average run of the mill crap. It was pretty slow... So why did we end up $100 short? Panic attack #1.

Thursday was a really shatty day topped off with something REALLY bizarre
I had a dentist appointment that morning... $400 later, I have 9 cavities that need to get fixed. That's gonna be another $1300 that I can't afford if the insurance doesn't go through...

I get to work and Linda's PISSED that I went away for the weekend and left her with all the psychotic customers. I'd gone away to Toronto (I MET EMMANUEL LEWIS!!!) despite all the staff quitting, at the insistence of my DM, and her assurance that all the shifts were covered. But she wasn't too pissed, she bought me chocolate, which I needed- Cuz I'm PMSing and I bought her tequila chocolates. Which she said "Well these woulda been good on Sunday... I didn't get out of here until 9pm... (It's a 9-6 shift)."

I had customers crapping on me alllll day including a host store employee who came in to get some portraits done of the boys. They'd come in early for their appointment, and her kids were being general terrors. It was raining so everyone's sneakers squeaked, instead of instructing her kids to wipe off their feet. She let them squeak their shoes - constantly. Hello migraine. I 'joked' with the kids and said that people that squeaked their shoes - didn't get their portraits done and it stopped it...

If that didn't give me a headache, the guy that came in with a 2 month infant for a passport photo, did. And as if they aren't hard enough to photograph, keep focused and looking straight at me with their mouth closed. The host store's kid starts jumping up and down and squawking and cooing and trying to make the kid look at him. I tell him once nicely to stop. I tell him again firmly. I repeat myself a third time to both the kid AND the mother. Finally I snap at the kid, the kid listens and goes sits down. I take the passports and they're good to go.

As I ring it up, she goes all Mama Bear on me and says, "How DARE you speak to my child like that!! He's only seven and he was trying to help!" DUDE!!!!!! I told you like seven times to keep your hellspawn over there while I'm trying to do my job. "We're customers here and we don't deserve to be treated this way!!!" Actually lady, you haven't bought anything yet... You're just being a nuisance and preventing me from actually giving quality service to REAL customers who are actually buying things.

She said that if I kept it up she'd go to walmart management and maybe THAT was why I had a stupid bitch customer go to walmart management yesterday (no it was because she didn't know what a deadline was. and wanted to order photos AFTER the sunday deadline. and got upset when she couldn't)
mind you the woman is a bit vapid to begin with - This kid who she said. "He's only seven he doesn't know anybetter! You can't talk to him like that!"
she let pick out all the photos. So if he's too stupid to sit down and shut up and behave - you're going to let him pick what you're hanging on your walls 365 days a year!?

Then for two days in a row, the till was short $100... I stayed and did all the calculations a math retard like myself could muster and it turned out we were $2.44 over. So I throw my coat on, turn off all the equipment, drop the cashbag in the safe, put on my jacket, turn off the lights, grab my purse... Every time I tried to fucking leave after that - I was jumped by a fucking customer. All because the 1 hour photo was like "Ohhh we don't do that SHE can help you over there!!"
CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT I HAVE MY COAT ON! AND MY SIGN UP!? WHAT IN THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!???" to the point that I missed the damned bus and had to take a cab home... But not before phoning home and bawling to CMH and asking him to make dinner. Yay PMS!! :-P

So I get home and in my email box is an inquiry from FOX VIDEO. In highschool I wrote fanfic ER fanfic... I haven't written it in about 5 years, since I graduated high And I get an email from Fox who wants me to write a review of their DVD box set of St. Elsewhere. All because they found a five year old site of my fanfic... I mean... Dude...

And then there was Friday... I had a late night on Thursday, watched ER... Ate a late supper... I wake up the next morning at 9:02 am.... I am supposed to have been at work 2 minutes ago. So I scramble out of bed in my jams and immediately page my DM who says to get ready as quickly as possible and hop into a cab - take it out of the till and she'll pay for it. The rest of the day was pretty non-crappy I ended up with a pretty awesome sales day selling a $249 pkg, two $149 pkgs and about 4 $99 packages. And I bought a red swingline stapler for work. :-)

Then I get home we order dinner and go out to the bar. We come back around11:30 and hungry again, we order pizza and a side order of wings. Since that's all they could talk about at the bar was the damned wings and it gave me a craving.

I ordered pizza and wings.. came up to about $30. I thought I had the money on me. I had $100 on me from this morning... But I forgot that life happened, the cab ride, lunch, office supplies for work, etc...
so I was $10 short... The usual delivery guy loves me... knows I tip AWESOME and the bank is like a 2 second drive thattaway. He wouldn't have batted an eye to drive me to the atm. This guy starts screaming at me in broken english and refuses to drive me to get the money and INSISTS that I RUN and get the money... I think he's gonna wait there with the pizza... nope... the fucker hops in his car and tails me the five blocks to the bank!!!

And then sits out in his car outside the bank with his hand out wanting the money. The bank machine doesn't give out $10 so he ended up with a $10 tip!!! and MADE ME WALK HOME WITH THE PIZZA!!!!
Oh and you're not going to fucking believe this. The pizza's fucking burnt...

It would have warranted that I just order from the other pizza place from then on, but this time I phoned and bitched and they made me a new one.

So in the end I didn't get pizza until 2 am and by then I was too tired and too pissed off to eat... Today will go much easier than the last few days or somebody gonna get a hurt real bad!!!


12-02-2006, 03:08 PM
Wow. Just. WOW.

The sheep's aura has gone from be-a-U-tiful rainbow to pitch black! I feel for you!

12-02-2006, 10:11 PM
Holy crap! :eek: What a bad week! I felt my blood pressure going up reading your post. I really hope that you don't have any repeats of your week from hell.


12-03-2006, 06:16 AM
Umm, I call your wow, and raise you a sunova@$%&. I've had weeks not half that bad that have had me hiding under the covers.

12-07-2006, 03:16 PM
You said you work at the Walmart portrait studio? I was under the impression that that was owned by another company, not Walmart itself. Maybe its just my store... (There was a girl who was a cashier with me, but then she quit and then got a job somewhere else (the Portrait studio at Walmart) but she still worked at the same store...just hired by a different company)