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10-05-2009, 01:16 PM
yesterday was not a fun day at all. In fact in ranks right up there as one of the worst days I've ever had in my store .

I am the overall store manager, so I have to open the store a few days a week. Sundays are one of those days that I have to work every week because I have to do payroll. SO I get to work yesterday and all the computers are giving me an error that store closing did not go through correctly and to call tech support.

I call tech support and the guy tries to talk me through a couple things to fix it. Nothing works. He informs me that he is elevating the ticket to level 2. I ask him how long it will be until level 2 starts to work on it. He says he doesn't know and that there are approximately 30 tickets ahead of mine. Greeeeat........

SO I haul out our manual sales box..get the register drawer keys..count the money so I know it balances to opening amounts and put the money in the drawers. Then I open the store.

for the next 5 hours I had to write out EVERY UPC number (the number on the barcode) by hand. At this point I should mention we are a factory outlet store. NOTHING in the store except clearance is priced at what it is marked. So I also have to figure out by hand what the current prices are on every item. We also had to call in EVERY credit card. Even the ones for $2.50.

Meanwhile tech support is connected remotely and I am watching them do all sorts of stuff to my computers. Finally around 1pm they call and say I can open the computers. After the computers are opened up, I had to go back through every transaction we wrote down by hand and enter them into the computer.

After all this happened, this wonderful woman came in and brightened up my entire day. She came in stating that she needed to exchange a pair of pajamas (on clearance) for a smaller size. She had called earlier in the week and we were holding a pair for her. Come to find out she called on Wednesday. We can only hold merchandise for 24 hrs. Yesterday was Sunday. Did she get upset?

NOPE..she called herself an idiot....and apologized to me over and over for wasting my time. I just smiled and told her that she hadn't wasted my time and found her a pair of pajamas that would work for her. I even cut the price down to the price to the price of her clearance pajamas so she wouldn't have to pay extra. She of course objected to me changing the price and said that she would pay the difference. I explained to her that I like to reward the few customers we get that don't throw a fit when things don't go their way.