View Full Version : "It can't stop on a dime so get the hell out of the way!!"

12-10-2009, 01:00 PM
This happened a while back. We got paged upfront to get a huge bag of dogfood that somebody returned cause it had maggots in it. Yeah, I know, gross...lol. So the girl I work with helped load it onto a shopping cart & we headed on back towards the trash compactor to pitch it out. Now the bag was open & that comes into play in a second or two. So we're headed on back & then we get a few customers who felt like stopping right in front of us. I had to jerk the cart to a quick stop to prevent it from hitting those idiots. So when I did, the cart stopped but the dog food kept going & spilled all over the place!

I was livid!! So it took a good while to sweep up the mess. I gave the people who got in our way a nasty look & they quickly scampered out of sight. I had been saying "excuse me" as we were rolling it along but these customers paid us no heed. It's like getting in front of a rolling pallet jack & having some moron get in your way & they think you can stop on a dime. Yeah, good luck with that.

12-12-2009, 09:05 AM
Being a janitor for a major retail store, I understand completely.

People seem to think your job is to cater to them and treat them like royalty while they treat you like nothing. The thing is, at least where I work, we're treated like nothing by our managers. We shouldn't have to take it from customers, too.

It's awful, the way these SCs will just stand there, jamming up the walkway just needlessly talking. Have they never heard of the telephone?

Do they ever try to just charge through the water as you're mopping up? Assuming, of course, that's part of your job.