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12-31-2009, 07:34 AM
One of my favorite customers was in today. She's always extremely friendly (though can be bad with names), spends a lot of money with us, and never complains, in fact the only special treatment she requests is a carry out.

I should point out she has 1 leg and she's in a wheelchair as well. Drives about 30 miles to visit my store in particular, and brings an ice chest/ice packs for all the meats. During the carry out, she'll usually have the bagger load the cold items into her ice chest while she puts the wheel chair in the trunk and brings out the crutches, and always tries to tip them (we ARE allowed to accept tips from customers, but I will only accept one during a carry out, and only if it's because they were too lazy to load their own groceries in their Porsche).

We're comfortable enough with each other now that if I do a carry out for her, she hands me the keys, I unlock the doors and help her into the car, load her wheelchair up (and make sure the crutches are available easily), hand her the keys, and load the cooler/everything else myself. Likewise, if I see her in the parking lot, even if I'm off the clock I'll help her into the chair, lock the car for her, and push her inside. Yes, we're very much on a first name basis.

No, I don't have a fetish for amputees, and generally prefer that those that I am attracted to, are pretty close to my age. And have male parts.

Tonight she was coming through my line. One of the last items on the belt was a bottle of wine. I told her to hang on a moment, I needed to check something with the wine department.

Paid for the bottle of wine at a register she couldn't see, came back, handed it to her and said Happy New Year. She looked like she wanted to start crying when I did that.

Now, in TX it is illegal to give away free bottles of alcohol from a business to a customer. But I paid for it with my personal money, and attached the receipt and gave it to her, as a gift from one person to another, and made sure to tell her it was from me, not the store. So I'm pretty safe there.

Have you ever done something like that for a customer? I've traded gifts with a handful before, and bought some cheapish stuff for their kids, but never gone so far as buying them a bottle of wine. I have bought 2 coworkers bottles of wine before, usually when they're having a rough day.

12-31-2009, 08:09 AM
That was very nice and I really think you made her day, perhaps week.

I've yet to meet a customer I liked that much.

12-31-2009, 03:43 PM
That is so sweet! :love:

12-31-2009, 05:45 PM
That is so sweet! I bet she's going to tell everybody she knows about you now, so be prepared to be popular at work!

01-01-2010, 02:53 PM
You are epic win. -EPIC- win, sir. The world is lucky to have you. Indeed.

In the loose nuts 'n bolts aisle at work, I often do a bit of the math with the customers as to whether it's cheaper to buy a single item or get it from the prepackaged configurations, based on their needs. When the goods are cheaper than the gas money they spent to get there, and they've been very friendly and attentive and talkative, I just reach into my pocket and give them whatever change is in my pocket. It's not worth waiting on line for fifteen minutes to pay eleven cents for something. >.< Particularly not when the gas money to get there was a dollar something.