View Full Version : The good, the bad, and the better.

12-13-2006, 02:55 AM
I have three little mini-stories here....

The Good:
Here's the first. I really wish I could get more calls like this one.

I picked up the phone, and as always, it was another person asking about Wii, the newest system from nintendo. However, she was very polite, and asked why at the store she was at, they refused to sell her one. Well, I wasn't really the person to call for this, but I tried my best anyway.
She described the situation about how she saw them unloading the boxes, and when she asked to purchase one she was told that they were not to sell. I explained the two or three different situations I could think of such as they may have been reserved before November 19th, or the store was not allowed to sell them until a certain date.
Once I had finished, she politely commented on how she was glad I was so patient with her and answered all her questions.

I simply responded by telling her how much I appreciated her politeness.

The Bad:
Number two. I think my manager just earned a couple hundred respect points from me.

I came into work this past Thursday exhausted. I had been sick the previous two days, and was extremely pissed off about it because the reason I was sick was because one of the assistant managers made me sit out in the cold for 45 minutes after my shift was supposed to start because he was late.
After that, said assistant manager was rude to me and talked like I wasn't there for most of my shift.
I probably sounded like a whiny little bitch, but at that point I didn't really care because I was so unhappy. I told him how horrible my day was that day, and it really frustrated me.

He just smiled and told me that he had fired him Sunday night anyway.

The Better:
The epitome of SCs on the phone. (Totally applauseworthy.)

One morning we got a shipment of Nintendo Wiis. Now, they usually come in boxes of 3, and we had recieved 9, but one was reserved. When a system has been reserved in advance, we tell the customers that there is simply one less than we really have, so we told everyone that we had 8 systems.
We had a line of customers at the counter, because they had watched the truck being unloaded. Luckily, we had JUST enough systems to go around and still keep our reserved one.

The phone rings.

My manager picks up, and it was a woman asking about the system. He told her we had eight in stock, and she suddenly roars into a fit calling him a dirty liar and cursing him out, etc, etc, because we obviously had one more because some guy at another store told her they came in packs of three.
When he tried to say that sometimes we get a refurb or a randomly distributed one, which was true.
It didn't help.
At this point she's yelling so much that I can even hear her, and I'm over at the other end of the counter at the other register.
He tried to calm her down, but when it only got worse, it was actually holding up the line. The customers could probably hear her too.


Wait, nevermind, they probably did.
When he hung up the phone, everyone in line started applauding.