View Full Version : Non existant 5th Floor

03-02-2010, 10:55 PM
My old co-op was at a major corporation, where the complex I worked at had 3 buildings. And because of how they connected two of the three buildings didn't have a 5th floor. When going to lunch one of my coworkers couldn't help but screw with random other works in the elevator if he was asked what floor. he always responded "5", which wasn't an option and most people would realize only after reaching to press it.

Well Long story short I convinced the co-op that had been there a year longer than me to take a package to the other building to the non-existent floor that he should have known wasn't there. He knew better than to look for the 5th in our building since the one guys daily joke but came back annoyed 20 minutes later because he actually got to the 3rd building because he thought we must have meant that building did have a 5th after realizing the middle building went 4 to 6