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03-17-2010, 11:56 PM
This wasn't so sucky as just kind of annoying and silly ;)

BS: My boss, the owner of this bookstore, is famously private and doesn't allow anyone to have his cell phone number except for his two closest friends, his wife, and his employees. He also doesn't like to be called about stuff unless it's meaningful He also doesn't really work the store anymore, so isn't available to customers. So when people ask after him, all we do is offer to take a message. Of course, a lot of people try to pretend they're important by dropping his name :rolleyes: /BS

PG: Elderly-sounding Phone Guy
Me: Me :D

PG: Is Owner there?
Me: Sorry, he's not in today. I can take a message.
PG: I have some stuff to give him. Where is he? (By the way, telling PG this info would be a great way to get myself bitched at by Owner :p )
Me: I don't know, sorry. I can take a message for him to get later.
PG: I used to sell books to him a long time ago (Yeah, you and about 1,000 other people) and I want to talk to him about them.
Me: Well I don't know when he'll be in. All I can do is take a message.
PG: Can you call him for me? I need to talk to him.
Me: Well... what's your name?
PG: Just call and tell him that I called.
Me: But what's your name?
PG: You don't need that! Just tell him I called.
Me: :shrug:
PG: Call him and tell him it's me, and I have some books for him.
Me: ... Okay I will do that. ...Bye.
PG: *click*

...Soooo..... I didn't call Owner, surprise. But when he does come in next, I will let him know that "he" called :wave:

03-24-2010, 05:22 PM
What, you didn't know that this guy is super important and of course the manager will know his name? Come on, everyone knows him! Hahaha, people are so ridiculous.