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03-21-2010, 02:10 AM
My co-workers had a doozy today, particularly the Breakfast Chef. Breakfast was getting ready to open and I had slipped off to the ladies' room in the hotel lobby. As I came out, I walked toward the breakfast area and saw BC and two of the bussers staring at me. Odd. As I kept coming closer, they kept staring at me. By this time I'm thinking, "they do know I pee, right???" I finally got close when all three of them busted out laughing. Of course, I was totally bumfuzzled. BC finally pulls it together to explain that as I came out of the restroom and started walking that way, he had said to them, "Hey, she looks a lot like incognitocook!" So, of course they all had to see this person that looked just like me. :roll:

03-22-2010, 09:08 PM
You did tell them this particular skin was just a costume you wear for work, right? :D

03-23-2010, 12:15 AM
I didn't want to blow my cover before my mission on earth was completed. :beam: