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12-19-2006, 08:12 PM
This happened yesterday, and I found it hilarious.

We were slammed at the registers, so we had someone put onto another register. THis person says "I can take the next customer at register 2!"

Now, at my store we have no clearly defined lanes for the registers, so line-jumping is a rampant problem. Usually when it's me opening a new register, I'll put a very strong emphasis on NEXT, which usually works. THe idea being of crouse that the customer who has been waiting the longest gets served next.

Well in this particular case, that didn't work out. The person who hopped over to register 2 had only JUST gotten in line, and then a bunch of people fresh from, the aisles lined up behind him, the net effect being ZERO for those who had already been waiting.

So this woman who I had just finished ringing out looks at the line at the service desk, then at the guy, then back to the line rapidly and tells me loudly "There's no WAY he was the next person in line! He cut in!"

Me: Well, I can't really do anythign about that.

Her: LINE JUMPER!!!!!!!!! CUTTER!!!!!!!!!! *leaves* :wave:

It was all I could do to not burst out laughing. :lol:

12-19-2006, 08:15 PM
Well, hey man, "no cuts, no butts, no dirty coconuts." it's a rule we've all held sacred since like, 1st grade man, or since we could repeat that phrase with knowledge of it's meaning.:wave: