View Full Version : I'm in with the Flanagan's crowd :)

12-22-2006, 03:34 AM
Some guy came in to my store today and asked if he could have 30 gift cards, $5 each. It takes about 20 seconds to ring up each card (it takes a while to activate the card) and so it took a while for the whole thing. Meanwhile, the place was pretty busy (not REALLY busy, but more-than-average busy). Luckily I got another person to take over the second register. The guy placed a $20 on the counter, right in front of the register screen, and told me "pocket it, here's a little tip for your troubles." I told him I couldn't accept it, cause it was company policy to put all tips in the tip jars, and not take it for yourself. But he insisted, and put the 20 in my apron pocket. I allowed myself to accept it, just this once :)

But then it got better. When I was done, the man introduced himself as the owner of the Flanagan's outside the mall, and invited me over there whenever I wanted to for a free lunch on him. What a nice person. I don't encounter many nice people, but when it do, it makes my whole day :D

12-22-2006, 05:53 AM
First, Mr. Mildew, I must compliment you on your avatar....I wonder how you acquired such an interesting nickname? Possibly a very stupid Hispanic trumpet player, along with a very silly Irish-German mellophonist? ANyways, cool beans bro.