View Full Version : I almost laughed

04-29-2010, 05:45 PM
So I'm in Morrisons (food supermarket in UK), which has just had self-serve machines fitted. Only four of them. I'm going through the staffed checkout next to them. I see this guy, I'd say 18-21 years old, with a basket full of shopping (maybe 6-8 items) go to the closest self-serve to me. He scans the first item. Now, in his defence, the machine only says "Please put the item in a bag". It does not stipulate where the bag should be (in the bagging area). So he gets a bag from the bagging area, puts it IN HIS BASKET, and places his first product in it. I then watched for a minute (at least), while he tried to get the next item to scan. :roll: I was being served by then so I didnt see what hilarity transpired. :lol:

Oh I do love stupid customers, especially when they aren't mine!;)