View Full Version : Customer thought Faculty/Staff garage was for visitors

06-04-2010, 11:24 PM
Female customer with a young daughter drove up to the Visitor parking booth today. The customer said "Can I park there? I am here to take a test." I say "which one?" She points to the faculty/staff garage, which is adjacent to Visitor parking. The words
faculty/staff garage are easily seen if you look. So I said "do you work here? That is the faculty/staff garage." She says "no, I thought visitors could park there." & she is here to take a test.

I turn around & look at the Visitor parking garage. I say "Visitor parking is over there." & I point at the garage. I also tell her it costs $5.00 to park there.

She looks around for the garage, which is right in front of her. Her daughter points at the garage.

Either her brain was not working properly or she wanted free parking & thought I would let her park in the faculty/staff garage because according to her, visitors can park there.