View Full Version : The night me AND my team lead almost walked out of the store.

06-22-2010, 02:49 PM
Monday nights (10pm-6am) is a notoriously slow shift at jack. We were projected to do something like 400$ in sales.

We did $322.00 in sales. In one hour. With three people on shift. We were up all night in sales based on the projected hourly by at least 30$. Supposed to do 92$ in sales from 2a-3a? We did 140.

The store was 150$ in the hole when I came on at ten. It was 350$ over when I left at 6. :cry:

Oh and last night was the first night a kid from days worked a grave shift. He'd been trained on the register for about an hour overall before getting hit with that last night. Granted, I was on till for the 322 hour, but we were still slammed after that. Poor kid.

06-23-2010, 07:49 AM
So why were you guys going to walk out again? So the projections were wrong and you were really busy, but that happens. I don't see any malfeasance, MiM or coworker stupidity to make you want to quit.

06-23-2010, 03:28 PM
Days can't do a $322 hour with six people on shift. It was absolutely ridiculous and we werent prepared for it in the slightest. 322$ is a lot of cheap fast food, especially with one person on each station instead of 2-3.

I apologize for using a bit of hyperbole.

06-24-2010, 02:27 AM
Days usually gets treated like the Golden Child. Because day shift typically has salaried managers working, labor numbers are awesome. And they're so very proud when they clean (like they're supposed to). But they'll criticize other shifts for not doing the same, even though days has twice as many people and other shifts have no salaried managers working.

I don't miss fast food, can you tell? :rolleyes:

06-24-2010, 03:08 AM
When I worked fast food, it was the opposite. During days there were only 3 people on shift from 6 AM until 4 PM (when afternoon crew came onto shift). The 3 people during the day were: me (front line), R (the backline/kitchen guy) and D (Manager/worked kitchen when R couldn't get back there due to busyness).

Night crew usually had 2-3 cashiers, 2 backline people, and 1 kitchen person with Manager and assistant manager.

I could run circles around them.

They were the laziest bunch of peoples there. It was bad.

However, Whiskey ... You should be proud of youself! Doing something the day crew can't do? Maybe the managers will sit up and take notice? :D At least you can dream, right? :hug:

06-24-2010, 04:31 AM
Night crew usually had 2-3 cashiers, 2 backline people, and 1 kitchen person with Manager and assistant manager.

O_O unless you're a bar I don't see the use for all those people. Grave (unless is PROJECTED to be busy) gets 1 drive person, 1 fryer person, 1 grill person. 1 of those 3 are a team lead. That is, until 2-4AM when it goes down to a team lead and a crew member until 6.

Not to mention, our AM is about to be "Transferred" because we're doing terrible on labor vs sales. The grave/swing (she alternates) TL and the dedicated Grave TL will cut people, but days REFUSES. Days was 250$ in the hole and kept their SIX people all day. Then swing/grave has to try to pull the store out of the hole.

I came in to get my paycheck at 2 one day and they were all acting like it was the end of the world because they had 3 orders in drive and one on counter. One girl was just walking in circles pretending like she was doing something. In the half hour I was there I saw her bag one fry.

Days makes more sense now.

06-27-2010, 07:20 PM
I feel your pain, Whiskey, having worked for the Big White Ball With the Yellow Hat myself for over a year as a Shift Leader. On Grave shift.

And let me tell you: I got bitched out so many times for not doing something or for going way over on times. Um, hello, you only schedule two people from 10-6. Me, and a crew member. We spend most of our time frying and bagging those damn tacos because all the drunks get a hard-on for those things after last call. Then I have to count down the drawer at 4, do the drop, and we have to get all the eggs and sausage ready for the morning plant rush. We'll do what prep work we can in between cars, but some nights, it just didn't get done. Oh, and we _had_ a prep lady for the first few months, but when she quit they never hired anyone to replace her, thus making everyone else's job a lot harder by making us dance around to make salads, wedge setups, sandwich-of-the-month setups, butter the sourdough... You know what all I mean.

Then comes one of my major gripes with the company, or at the very least the company stationed in this part of the country.

See, the first year we were open for New Year's, we were going to be the only restaurant open on NYE after I think 9pm. So, with myself and one other person, we handled every car that came through the drive-thru that night. And how much business did we do, you might wonder? Between 10pm and 4 am, my drop was over $1,100.

Then the next year, I told them that I would need more than one person in the kitchen with me. Especially since they had decided they wanted to leave the lobby open 24/7 since the truck drivers passing by on the interstate couldn't fit through the DT. So here comes NYE again, and again, it's myself and one other, manning DT and counter. And our drop? Over $1,200 that time. And yet, I still got bitched at for not doing things like cleaning the shake machine, or making salads, when we had cars backed up almost to the street all night.

I don't miss that company, not in the slightest.

06-27-2010, 07:43 PM
Grave is up in arms right now against days. Days doesnt want to do anything because theyre SO BUSY. They try to push it off on grave (like we don't have enough to do). The funny thing is, the stuff days says theyre SO BUSY with was moved to grave's duties a couple months back. Days literally has NOTHING to do until rush starts at 11am. The morning TL almost (or did) get bitched out because she kept me late (putting me in overtime) because she didnt want to stock straws/carry the tea to the dining room/oh this minor thing needs to be stocked. Stuff she could totally do, had plenty of time to do, and was making the company pay me 12/hr to do it.

Grave does no prep. If we run out of something because days was ~oh so busy~ we make enough for us and tell days to go to hell.

Also, fuck tacos. Fuck them straight to hell.

Oh, yeah I feel your NYE pain. On Cinco De Mayo I did a 1000$ drop too. We had a kid (who is posted about is COC) who was completely incompetent on fryers that night. Not only were we crazy busy, but slow as hell too because he can't drop everything for an order! Literally! Last night we had ONE order on the screen. ONE. no car before, no car after. ONE CAR. ONE ORDER.

He forgot to drop 2 of the 4 items needed for that order. a 3 minute order took 7 minutes.

Irving Patrick Freleigh
06-27-2010, 10:52 PM
Also, fuck tacos. Fuck them straight to hell.

Easy there Freleigh, get your mind out of the gutter...Look! Shiny thing!

06-28-2010, 04:27 AM
I have been having a craving for those crack tacos lately sooo damn bad. It's too bad there isn't a single one of them near me. The closest one according to the store locator is in NC, I'm in NY

06-28-2010, 11:17 AM
I have been having a craving for those crack tacos lately sooo damn bad. It's too bad there isn't a single one of them near me. The closest one according to the store locator is in NC, I'm in NY

Ouch. The tacos I make are delicious. [good] lettuce (not that shred shit that comes from the stem/parts we can't put on sandwiches), chipotle, taco sauce, red onion, tomato.

mmm. Almost worth 53 cents.