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01-09-2007, 05:06 AM
Backstory: I work the pizza section in a very busy high end grocery store. I'm oftentimes there all by myself. Today was one such time. We have a "line" (counter where we keep pizzas that we sell by the slice) - I'd been cleaned out during rush, so I was working on baking more pizzas and calzones for it. For the most part I had it fully stocked, except for a spinach and mushroom pizza (we always keep one out).

I had a spinach and mushroom pizza in the oven, with a very small slice on the line. We'll gladly hand out samples all day to customers (er.. "guests"), all you have to do is ask or even make a hint that you want to know what something tastes like - I refuse to sell the tiny slices and instead will just give them away or suggest people sample them.

Anyway, someone walked up, I greeted them with my usual "Howdy, how ya doin today?" (yes, that's my normal greeting, it IS texas, even if I don't have an accent). She asked to sample that specific pizza - I handed her half of the small slice and mentioned I had one in the oven right now, telling her I'd have it ready in roughly 5 minutes. She loved it.

Just as I'm pulling it out of the oven, she starts asking if she can buy the whole pizza. We never say no to any reasonable request, so of course I say yes. She then asks if I can add diced chicken to it - no problem, I go get some chicken and dice it up. Then she asks for oven roasted tomatoes - I'm getting mildly annoyed wishing she had mentioned all of this before I'd already tossed it back in the oven again, but with a smile on my face I pull it back out and start putting tomatoes on, toss a little more cheese on to hold everything together, and toss it back in the oven.

At this point we start BSing. She's someone I've never seen before, and for the most part we have our regulars. She states that I must like working where I do (I answer yes, I like it very much), repeatedly thanks me for doing what I've done ("no problem!"), and by the time I'm boxing the pizza, she drops the bomb: "I guess you guys really like the stock options you get here huh?". She stated it as if she knew for certain we get stock options (we do have a discounted stock purchase plan, though I'm not qualified for it until I'm out of probation in a few more weeks). Most customers don't know this for sure. I know for a fact she's not an employee of my store.

We wind up BSing for another minute or so after I've boxed her pizza and priced it, until other customers start making their way up - she tells me "You've given me some of the best service I've ever had, thanks!", I thank her and give her the usual "Enjoy, have a great night!" then go on to greet my other customers. Yes, I'm too happy at work, even if I'm cussing up a storm when customers are out of earshot.

15 minutes later one of the head chefs comes up and says "Hey man, the line looks awesome today, keep it up and keep up the service!". Now the man is certainly a nice guy, but I've never really gotten a compliment beyond "wow you catch on quick!" from him before.

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