View Full Version : caller with an identity crisis

08-24-2010, 05:32 PM
*posting this here because this woman definitely had me feeling confused....not sure if the "brain burp" was on my end or hers*

The church recently lost one of our long-time members due to cancer, her memorial service is this weekend, and people were instructed to call the church office for updated information. I received just such a voicemail yesterday morning - "Beth" had called wanting to confirm the date and time, she left her cell phone number, but since she didn't mention what the first three digits were, I figured I should use the "last call return" option to make sure I got her phone number. (our phone system doesn't have caller I.D., which throws a kink into things at times)

Now, I had assumed that "Beth" had been the last person to call the church office, so when I called the said number and a woman answered, I gave her details about the memorial service. At no point during the conversation did she say that she was NOT "Beth", although she didn't seem to understand what I explained what our office hours are, and when the memorial service was.

so I figured I should try calling the partial cell phone number which "Beth" had left, and managed to guess the right area code......it didn't take long to realize that the first woman whom I'd spoken to was just someone who'd called to ask about getting help with food and clothing, and I couldn't figure out why she'd not said something like "Sorry, I'm not "Beth", or mentioned what she actually had called about.