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12-03-2010, 07:22 PM
Well now I can talk about it online... I didn't want to discuss it before on the off chance that somehow my company found out. They don't know of my PepperElf name but I don't know if they know about this site or not.

But ... well now I personally feel free to discuss it. I put in my two week notice today.

Originally I was planning on staying there a whole year or so, but when I switched from the temp agency to the main company it came with both good and bad. My hourly rate was raised but my hours were cut in half.

Thankfully my parents were visiting that weekend so they helped talk me through what I should do. My first instinct was to quit college, my apartment, and job and just move to my boyfriend. But they convinced me to stay until my lease was up (which corresponds to just after the end of the semester). And - just as importantly - when I brought the suggestion to my boyfriend he was very happy at the thought of me moving and coming to join him. :) (and he's even going to fly out to help me move, yay)

My family is very unhappy with my hours being cut, but it's very possible it was my "fault". The last time I'd done this kind of work had been over 5 years ago, so there's a lot I had forgotten in both the job itself and in basic electronics. I didn't pick it back up as easily as I thought I would, and along with my change in hours, I was assigned easier items to work on.

But... well today seems a little easier now. I put in my 2 week notice but only listed my physical separation from my boyfriend & my apartment lease as my reasons for leaving. They might realize that's not the only reason but, it seems that it's going to be a peaceful separation on both sides.

And perhaps as an aspect of fate... there's one meter that was new to our lab a few months ago. I had the task of figuring out how to do a performance check on it, and since then I've pretty much been the person working on them. I'm working on 2 of them right now... and, since the setup for the checks are a bit unusual, I'm taking the time to write up some additional notes for the units. That way, when someone else gets stuck with these things er... assigned to these lovely meters, they'll at least have a good idea on how to set them up etc. :) Plus... eh, burning bridges and all.

But well that's it. I'll have 2 weeks left. That'll give me almost a whole solid week where I can finish cleaning up this apartment, without having to take off time for work etc.

12-17-2010, 07:59 PM
and now i'm "unemployed"

had my last day of work today. actually i only had to work about an hour and a half but the boss let me have the whole half day on my time sheet. yay thanks!

parting on a peaceful note isn't bad.
plus i have a bunch of pens from them, 2 coffee mugs, and 2 whiskey glasses (from the company christmas / 10 year anniversary party)

12-19-2010, 05:46 AM
Best of luck in future endeavors, PepperElf. Are you still going to college?

12-19-2010, 02:17 PM
this was my last semester.
so i'm not planning on more, not for a while.