View Full Version : another wonderful customer

01-22-2007, 05:12 PM
As you can imagine,snow and inconsiderate people make floors very dirty. There are certain sections of the store where I work that get a lot of traffic. We usually do not scrub those areas until near the end of the night,to keep from having to scrub them multiple times. This morning,my fellow janitor and I were spot mopping near the front door,and a guy actually stopped and wiped his feet off. I think we looked shocked. He told us that he didnt want to mess up our floor like most "assholes" would,and told us we were doing a good job considering the circumstances. After watching 10 or 11 people put muddy footprints on our clean floor in the previous 5 minutes,this was a wonderful thing to say. We both thanked him several times and said we appreciated it greatly. That man is my favorite customer of the year,thus far.