View Full Version : Employee leaves money lying around in the open!

12-09-2010, 06:08 PM
Yesterday I went to a different theatre to watch a movie. This was the very first day that the new dine-in bar section was open for business. When my friends and I exited out the back exit doors to get to the parking lot, a little folder (the ones servers use when presenting or taking payment) falls to the ground. It had been used to prop the door open to keep it from locking, and it had quite a bit of money in it! :eek:
I was going to turn it in of course, but I joked to my friends by saying, "Whoa! Look at all this money! Its mine now!" And suddenly an employee comes up to me and says that its his. He had gone outside for a smoke break. Using these things to stop the door from closing all the way so it doesn't lock on you is one thing, but using it while there's a whole wad of cash in there?! :shrug: :jawdrop: Yeah not a good thing if a customer had gotten to it and taken off with it before you could stop them, and then you'd get in big trouble for losing that kind of money! :doh:
Of course I gave it to him and we chatted for a bit. 1 of my friends told him this was not very smart and I totally agree. Take the cash out first next time ;)

12-11-2010, 11:38 PM
He could have lost his job, not to mention all that money! Does smoking really make a person that desperate?