View Full Version : "Kim Johnson" made no parking arrangements for *law enforcement agency* meeting

12-11-2010, 03:07 PM

The above post details what happened the last time "Kim Johnson", the Director of Community Relations at the university I work at as a Visitor parking attendant, made parking arrangements through the parking office for this particular meeting. She could have purchased tokens through the parking office for her guests, but she chose not to. Instead, she had every guest who parked in Visitor parking that day pay for their own parking. University faculty/staff members get a discount when they purchase tokens through the parking office for their guests or for events. The charge is only $1.00 per token. When the guest has to pay for their own parking, they have to pay the full price, which is $5.00.

The same meeting was held this past Friday, but "Kim Johnson" did not make parking arrangements through the parking office for this meeting. Since I did not want to receive a phone call from a pissed off "Kim Johnson" or a pissed off "Nancy", who works in the parking office, I just followed what "Nancy" told me the last time "Kim Johnson" did make parking arrangements for this particular meeting *which is stated in the link*, & I just let the guests park without telling them they had to pay.

Of course there were problems because "Kim Johnson" never informed her guests that they had to pay for their parking. I just sent those guests to the parking office.

One *law enforcement agency employee* who attended the meeting pressed the call button on the call box at the Visitor parking exit gate & asked me to raise the gate for him. I transferred the call to the parking office, "Nancy" answered the phone, & she dealt with him. When he did exit Visitor parking after paying for his parking, he exited in a hurry, & I heard his tires screech. He was obviously pissed off.

Hmm...I wonder how many complaints "Kim Johnson" will get. :rolleyes: