View Full Version : Might Go Back To Work, Might Not

12-13-2010, 08:28 PM
So........its been months and months since I last went to work and I've felt a bit better for the rest.Luckily I have savings so its no problem at the moment although I will need to find other work in the next six months or so.

I was talking to our union rep today and he asked if I would consider going back to work at same company.I said yes but maybe only part time maybe on condition I can go back to the sales floor.He's going to set up a meeting with boss to discuss it maybe next week maybe after Christmas.

On the other hand I might just go back to bed for a few more weeks and not bother. In all my working life I have never felt this not caring about going to work.Or NOT GOING.

12-13-2010, 08:32 PM
Why did the union rep want to discuss this? Was this at your instigation or is the company wanting you back?


12-13-2010, 08:43 PM
My boss sent me a few letters while I've been off asking what was wrong.I Haven't replied so far but generally I didn't like the way the work was going anyway or the way I was being treated.Officially I quit, (and gave my reasons in a letter) but the Union Rep has also kept in contact in case it turns out to be a "constructive dismissal" claim, given what happened, they have been advising me of my rights.

I'm not concerned with that so much but I was there for a long time and if there is a chance that I go back on my own terms then it might be worth looking at, and I guess my boss also knows I have a perfect work record up till that incident.If I did go back all that would happen is that I have a black mark in my personel file due to my little arguement with my team leader which I wrote about elsewhere.Maybe it doesnt sound like much but I didnt feel like dealing with it when it happened.I thought he blew the thing up out of proportion.

It probably sounds ridiculous but it isnt that unusual for people to quit then go back a couple of years later even.So long as they weren't fired by the company there are no rules against it.

I do think though that I need more time to myself before I make any decision even if we do discuss it.I think I was burnt out and didnt fully realise it when all this happened.