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12-16-2010, 12:47 AM
this is from tuesday.

I was scheduled to close 2-9. My CW J called on monday night asking if i could switch and take his opening shift 630-3 and he take my 2-9. so i said yes, that was fine by me

So i go in at 630 tuesday, a few minutes later i get a phone call. CW H calls out for his 9-3 shift. great. this trend continues even when i work in the morning. I have a cashier from 7-9. then 2 from 9-3. well now it will be CW A 7-9 and CW C 9-3. (never have anyone who can cover either)

so im counting the last 2 drawers from the previous night. one of them was short $52. funny, last week it was too. i couldnt find it. and then deposit was off by $10, but i was able to take care of that.

the first transaction of the day was a refund. a $100 refund. our drawers start out with $100. So i had to borrow money from the safe and re-pay the safe once that drawer had enough money. thnx.

So on monday truck was finished. and the other CWs had worked on other things. did they put away the extra trays or boxes after? nope! so i had to do that. if i dont, i get yelled at...ok. so i clean up the floor. then realize oh hey, vitamins wasnt finished after all. so i got to do those 6 trays later on (vitamins suck :P )

i do a few other tasks. it almost 9:00. CW A tells me CW C will be late...his car doors are frozen shut. so i was alone, but only for 10 minutes. i filled in some cigarettes that no one has filled in for the past 2 weeks.

then i go to do price changes. i had to do the cosmetics ones from last saturday. no one else will do them, and i dont really trust them anyways. i noticed mondays hadnt been done either so i did those.

i rang a few people. many paid with 50s or 100s or got cash back. WTF WE ARE NOT A BANK. we only have every single one within walking distance!

i scan in the delivery for Lays. but the damn Twinkie guys order didnt complete monday. the damn dex machine crapped out halfway. but i was able to get something out of it. then i scan in the ice cream guy, then the coke guy.

gahh. maybe i shouldnt have switched :P lol.

another cw asked if i could cover today. no thanks!

and monday night when i was leaving, it had been snowing for a few hours. but it wasnt accumulating much, but it was freezing to my car. i had remote started it, and i go to pop my trunk cuz the ice scraper/snow brush is in there. almost broke my key it was frozen shut!. so i sat in my car til it defrosted itself :P

12-17-2010, 12:17 AM
o man. i hope you reported the money being off.
if it's off on a continual basis like that it could be that someone has sticky fingers....

12-17-2010, 01:52 AM
o man. i hope you reported the money being off.
if it's off on a continual basis like that it could be that someone has sticky fingers....

i did mention it to another shift supervisor and he said he was gonna tell the manager about it

12-17-2010, 11:18 AM
I hate people paying with 50s. I was getting nervous yesterday since I had 5 in the drawer after about 2 hours or so. If I'd have asked for a till drop if I'd had one more turn up since its unusual for me to get more than 1 in a shift.

The worst thing was that we are a runner down due to one of the supervisors (who also run for us) being ill with Bronchritis. The cashier who had been promoted to 1st runner usually only does returns/replacements so didn't seem to know how they usually verified 50 notes. Therefore I had to show her how to do it (luckily I looked it up after being interested when I saw them doing it - we check the security markings and rub them on a piece of paper. If the ink transfers to the paper they are ok - or so the verify document says.)