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12-18-2010, 02:37 PM
These 2 incidents happened Friday.

I work at a university as a contract Visitor parking attendant.

This is the 3rd time this week someone has tailgated at the gate next to the Visitor parking booth.

First incident:
2 caterers arrived to cater an event being held at the university.

They arrive at the same time. I press the control button on the control box that controls the gate, & the gates goes up for the first caterer. The second caterer did not bother to stop at the Visitor parking booth window for 1) the gate arm to go down & 2) me to press the button on the control box. He just sped through.

The gate arm fell on top of the company van he was driving, then it fell off the van & landed on the ground. It is a good thing that the gate arm is constructed to withstand this type of wear & tear. Plus there is a long strip of foam glued to the bottom of the gate arm.

The driver stops.

So I call campus police to report what happened, but I get hung up on.

Luckily a female campus cop arrives to handle the situation. She parks the cop car right next to the Visitor parking booth window. The driver walks back to the Visitor parking booth. She is not too thrilled to find out what he did, & she lets him know this. He tells her "I thought that the gate arm stays up." She asked him for his drivers license. She calls campus police, & a report is made. She tells the guy "for future reference the attendant inside the booth controls the gate. Just stop at the gate the next time you arrive. She will raise it, & you will be able to go through." While this is happening a line of traffice forms behind the cop car. Another cop arrives to direct traffic in the street in front of the Visitor parking booth.

The 2 of them put the gate arm back up.

Second incident:
The faculty/staff garage is adjacent to the Visitor parking garage. There is a white sign with the words ACCESS CARD REQUIRED in red posted next to the garage entrance. Faculty/staff member drives up to the entrance gate. There is a car behind them. Faculty/staff member has an access card, & so they were able to enter. The driver of the car behind them does not. That person tailgates behind the faculty/staff member. That person drives up to the faculty/staff exit gate, & after a few minutes realizes there is a call box at the exit gate. So he presses the call button & speaks to someone. When you press the call button on any call box at the university, the call goes to campus police. The same campus cop who helped put up the gate arm arrives to handle the situation. He walks up to the guys car & speaks to him. Then he walks up to the front of the garage where the big white sign is & looks at it. He walks back into the faculty/staff garage & speaks to the guy again. Campus cop has the gate raised. Guy exits the garage. He did not even park in Visitor parking or at the metered lot across the street. I wonder what he told the campus cop & what the campus cop told him.


12-18-2010, 03:39 PM
they're lucky it's a foam-rimmed metal bar.

imagine how horrified they'd be if it was one of those bus-only lanes with the metal bollards that shoot up out of the ground.

imagine how horrified they'd be (and how much you'd want to laugh at them) when their cars get impaled... :devil:

12-18-2010, 05:31 PM
...metal bollards that shoot up out of the ground...
Toyota Tiddly-Winks, anyone?

12-19-2010, 06:40 AM
Piggybacking (sorry that is what it is called here), is never a good idea. Driver should have waited his turn. I do hope that any damages were assessed to his/her company, or insurance..MAYBE that will clue him/her in. Of course then again..maybe monkeys will fly...