View Full Version : I am so done with Christmas

Irving Patrick Freleigh
12-24-2010, 04:33 AM
Literally. Tonight was my last shift before Christmas. :D

And it was a little bit of everything. LP chasing after some shoplifters (shoplifting is bad, mmkay, but doing it this time of year is extra bad in the karma department), a lost child (which I found :D), somebody fainting in the checkout line (if anybody asks why, I'm saying it's because of our high prices and just try to prove otherwise), some kids zipping around the back of the store on plasma cars (http://www.plasmacar.com/) ( I saw one girl on one of those cars driving up to one of our portable skateboard ramps she must've put down on the floor. I wish I could've seen what happened next), and just general insanity from a tidal wave of last-minute shoppers.

Tomorrow morning will be just as horrifically busy. I'll be thinking all about my poor comrades from my warm, comfy bed. Yeah right. I'm such a terrible liar.

It seems to me that just yesterday, I was drowning in a sea of freight, trying to figure out where to put anything, building displays for Black Friday and greeting the incoming sea of humanity. And now it's all done. Nothing to look forward to except slow days, vacation time, and hopefully getting things in the backroom all in order.

You know what, screw it. The melancholy can wait. Enjoy some music with me:


And now some more. What a festive season!


12-25-2010, 02:01 AM
I LOVE Eric Idle!

Merry..er...Have a nice vacation, Irv! :lol: