View Full Version : "I did not get a token to exit"

01-21-2011, 09:55 PM
A male customer drove up to the Visitor Parking booth window. He is driving a big white car. There is a bluetooth in his ear, & he is obviously speaking to someone. He is looking straight ahead. He does not roll down his window to speak to me. I wait to see if he will do that. He does not.

Ok...obviously your cell phone conversation is more important than speaking to the parking attendant, who will tell you it is $5.00 to exit & where to pay for your parking. So I raise the gate for him to go through.

There are 5 signs stating Visitor Parking is $5.00. 2 are easily seen before you enter Visitor Parking. The other 3 are inside the garage.

Several minutes later the phone inside the Visitor Parking booth rings. It's him at the exit gate. Here is what happened.

me: "How may I help you?"
bluetooth guy: "I did not get a token to exit."
me: "Well..ah...I have no way of raising the gate for anyone wanting out for free. You have to pay inside the bldg. either at the parking office *I give him directions* or at the vending machine *I give him directions*. I have no way of raising the gate for anyone wanting free parking."

I hang up the phone.

He exits several minutes later using a token.