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01-28-2011, 10:20 PM
so i get to work this morning at 630 like i should. the store opens at 7. we get in the the store by the back door. the store has doors in front and back because there is a town parking lot behind us. there is no key for the front. i unlock the back door and pull to open.

wont move.

the door was frozen shut. not only that, since the gutters were leaking all night (and all winter) its been dripping everywhere and the whole back ramp and steps were pure ice. i call my manager but he didnt pick up but i left him a message. my other cw who was coming in early tried getting the door open, but he couldnt either. he calls the fixx line, and they say normally a call like that would take 4 hours to respond to. mind you its 15 minutes to open. we get back in our cars since its like 10 degrees out. he tries a few more times to open the door, but cant. he was able to get the DM's # to let him know the store wasnt opening, at least for a while lol. it wasnt until about 845 my coworker was able to break the ice enough to get the door open. btw, when i left at 230, the fixx line guy never came. he said he might be able to do something about the gutters though. riight.

so we got the store open just before 9. i went out front to open the doors and get our newspapers. one person had opened them and left us money, and out bread guy left a note saying he couldnt get in haha. the phone rings and i answer as soon as i could thinking it was corporate. nope, just some old lady asking me about a million questions about bengay, and if we had eggs. (no eggs, no milk delivery on thursday due to a roof collapse near the Garelick uh, building)

our store is a mess haha. this winter has not been kind. the building is old. all 3 gutters on the back of the building are leaking. the leaking ends up freezing on the back of the building, on the doors, into the parking lot. we ran out of salt to put down, every customer complains. the fire exit door we have, that we use to bring out garbage is broken. it closes and locks, but the door itself is bent. and because there is a large column of ice right behind it, the door wont open all the way and ice builds below it, making it hard to close on the first try. but they came to check that and we are getting a new door.

with all the roof collapses making the news im surprised ours hasnt yet. its old and flat.

01-29-2011, 07:43 AM
Has OSHA been informed of all this?

02-01-2011, 03:51 PM
For future knowledge, alcohol based hand sanitizer dissolves iced over car locks like no one's business, so, if you have some and just need to burn through ice...?

Food Lady
02-01-2011, 06:57 PM
I always have a little spray bottle of alcohol in my purse for sanitizing shopping carts, hands, whatever. It also gets out stains if you use it right away. Sooo much cheaper & less chemicals. Maybe carrying a bigger bottle in the car is a good idea.

02-01-2011, 08:44 PM
haha when we got in, we had no ice melt left, so my coworker got some de-icer fluid stuff and that actually worked hahaha

they havent replaced the other door yet. but every week we keep getting more and more snow. then when it goes down the drain, theres a leak and it freezes and builds up. but the door is bent no matter what :/

i dont think osha knows...

02-02-2011, 05:41 AM
We had a leak in the front of the store under the canopy for the sidewalk by on of it's support columns. We called it in and a guy came out to look at it the same day. They put up cones and caution tape to rope that area off until a crew could come out the next day to remove the snow from the roof so they could find the leak and fix it.

It took a few days to they actually got it 100% fixed but during that time SC were mad because the roped off area caused that to have to walk another 30 to 40 feet to get their shipping carts whine repairs were made.:confused: It's not our fault we had a record amount of snow fall.