View Full Version : Indecisive Bag Customer

02-04-2011, 03:24 AM
Yesterday, a customer was buying a bunch of fruit smoothie bottles. Most of the bottles were small but a few were big. I've had these quite a few times and they're really good. I started bagging them and the customer requested double plastic which I did. Then she requested paper and plastic so I undid what I packed. Before I could finish preparing a paper and plastic bag, she decided to stick with the paper and plastic so that's what she ended up with.:banghead:

Another customer mentioned that he worked at one of the other grocery stores and understood how annoying that was. I asked him what store and he told me. I asked him if he knew a couple that might shop there since they live in that area and I told the customer that the couple were my aunt and uncle. The customer remembered that my uncle used to work at an exercise facility.:cool: