View Full Version : Social Media Contracts

02-13-2011, 02:37 PM
The company I work for has now come out with a contract that we are not allowed to do anything in an online setting that involves their company. Apparently idiots were posting pictures of themselves in uniform doing illegal and stupid activities.

Now their is a clause that states that opinion doesn't matter and that the only thing they are trying to prevent is tarnishing the company name.

We have already had a few people fired for breaking this new rule. Why you are stupid enough to post pictures of you drinking and drunk when in uniform AND you are 17 I will never understand. :lol:

As for me? They've already tried to get me to take down a blog I have about the company and it's goings on. I told them they can fire me once they prove anything in it isn't just my opinion or just plain out fact. (Nothing gossipy in it. It's all like sales and events. Not like... the cook didn't wear gloves and jazz)