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02-16-2011, 02:25 AM
I've only been at this stupid place for a few weeks and not only do I already feel like I've been there for years, I've also learned some fun things. Some of this might just be preaching to the choir, and some may be exclusive to the scamming company I work for.

To secretaries:

- While it might feel as though you've solved a problem to just hang up on a telemarketer, this will not stop us from calling. As per company policy, we have to keep calling until we get an official "yes" or "no" from the person in charge. We also have a dozen other offices that will be calling you even if my particular office marks you as a "do not call" line. I promise this is not reps being assholes - the company makes us do this. So yes, you may get calls from us two or three times a day, and this is because we are not allowed to take you off our call lists. Sorry if we bug you, but sadly, we're paid to bug you.

To managers that we call:

- We rotate publications every few weeks...in which time, our "do not call" lists get reset. At all our locations. This means we will never, ever leave you alone. Sorry, this is not the choice of the reps - it's the company. Yell at them. If you start the petition to get them put out of business, I will sign it. Try not to piss us off too badly - remember, we have your name and address and I would not put it past some of the less tolerant/more angry folks in the office to try and teach you a lesson if they feel you have been overly mean to them. I personally would not because I can laugh off hearing an angry outburst from you, but this can't be said of the other reps here.

To employees:

- Yes, we, the bosses (which I am not), put an ad in the paper saying that you can make up to $14 an hour working for us, but what we do not tell you is that the only way you could ever make that amount is if you get something like 25 sales a day, every day, for several years. What you can really expect is to make minimum wage. And you're not allowed to work full-time - 39 and a half hours is the maximum so we don't have to give your useless asses any sort of benefits.

To bosses:

- It's really cute and all that you think we as a company are dedicated to the customers. However, that seems to be more fiction than fact when you consider that the company sued the Better Business Bureau over a rating they gave the company...which came about as the result of the company receiving in excess of 630 complaints about it in a three-year period. I'm sure not all of them were just people being bitchy assholes. Especially when the invoices you mail to people are made to look like junk mail - that way, they are easily lost or tossed out and the customer will get billed. Very clever shit.

02-17-2011, 07:59 AM
Meh. Our bossman isn't at our location, and we're not to give out his contact info. Therefore, I just hang up. It's not worth it to keep trying to explain that to someone who refuses to leave a message.

02-18-2011, 12:36 AM
One of the other problems (at least my parents are having) is they're on a Do-Not-Call list, but some thing signed up us up for ads, therefore they can call, because 'we' sent our phone number to them. It's a pain.