View Full Version : Interesting first three days

03-03-2011, 10:35 PM
Day One
I went back to Distribution and I couldn't be happier. First order I picked was messed up. Grab 10 large red shirts instead of 10 medium red shirts. Had to listen to Danny complain about not being allowed to scan and having to restock everything. Its his actual job.

Day Two
Dropped my badge and got stuck between floors. Found it on the third floor where I was picking.

Day Three(Today)
Almost got hit by a door because Frank just opened it and these are emergency doors so there is no window. Found out I am there until sometime in May because they are moving all operations out of there June 1st. I could leave May 1st or May 27th. It all depends because I am not moving with the operations because its too far away. I could still go to the Ball Plants. I am just trying to learn everything I can so I can get a call back.