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03-09-2011, 01:45 AM
Departments & staff members involved in this post:
Dept. A/staff member A
Dept. A/staff member B
Andrea *not her real name*: Director of Parking & Transportation
Nancy *not her real name*: Parking office clerk
Missy *not her real name*: Parking office clerk

Dept. A reserved several spots in Visitor Parking for an event that was posted on the Outlook calendar that the Parking office posts the reservations on as well as the universities event calendar. Dept. A/staff member's A contact information was posted on the universities event calendar. Dept. A/staff member B submitted the paperwork to reserve 40 spots for the event to the parking office, but by the time she submitted the paperwork, there was another reserved event already on the Outlook calendar as well as reserved spots for other guests arriving at the university. So the dept. could not get the 40 spots they wanted. Missy indicated on the Outlook Calendar that the person submitting the paperwork was notified of this when it was turned in.

When I got to dispatch this morning to get the keys to the Visitor Parking booth, Nancy told me to keep a count of how many people arrived for the reserved events, & that once the spots for the reserved event sponsored by dept. A were full, to not let anyone else arriving for that event to park. She said that those people had to find parking on their own.

This morning I received a phone call from a pissed off Andrea stating that I let someone who was not supposed to park in Visitor Parking. When Andrea is pissed off, she speaks in a condescending tone of voice. Nancy came down to the Visitor Parking booth to tell me what happened.

So here is the story...
Dept. A/staff member A came down to Visitor Parking at one point this morning *I am guessing to see how many open spots there were in the garage*. Someone who told me they were here for Dept. A's event lied to me to gain access to Visitor Parking. She works at the Starbucks inside the Main bldg. Dept. A/staff member A saw the Starbucks employee put on her apron after getting out of her car. So she went to the Parking office & complained to Andrea, who then called me.

I told Nancy the following...

the Starbucks employee never told me she works there
If she had, she would not have parked in Visitor Parking
Obviously she did not have her apron on, & so I had no idea she even worked there
Anyone can look at the universities events calendar & tell me they are here for the reserved event. Whether or not this is true, I have no way of proving they are lying
People will get sneaky in order to gain access to Visitor Parking when it is reserved for events

Then I had to turn away people here for dept. A's event once the number of limited reserved spots were full. Those people complained to dept. A/staff member A, who then complained to Andrea.

After people who had parked for that event began leaving, I let other cars park. Then around 1:30 p.m. I received another phone call from a pissed off Andrea asking me why I let other cars park. I told her it was because other cars have already exited. :doh: Then Andrea bitched at me about the following.

She received complaints about my letting other cars park
Even though other cars had already left, I was not supposed to let other people park
From now on whenever Visitor Parking is reseved for event(s) I have to get clearance from the Parking office to let anyone else park after cars have exited Visitor Parking
This particular event was a very impt. event according to dept. A/staff member A

So around 2 p.m. I went inside Visitor Parking, & I counted 31 open spots.


cinema guy
03-09-2011, 05:50 PM
I don't know how the heck you cope with all of the messing about you get from departments and the parking office/staff.

03-09-2011, 10:56 PM
I don't know how the heck you cope with all of the messing about you get from departments and the parking office/staff.

That is what this site is for. I get to vent all I want. Venting helps me deal with everything that happens at work.

03-12-2011, 02:47 PM
Dept. A had another event 2 days later. 20 spots were reserved for that event. The event was held during my shift. Other spots were reserved for my shift as well as for the 2nd shift *around 35/36 spots for the second shift*.

When I got to dispatch that morning, Nancy told me she turned on the full sign. So that told me I could not let anyone who was not here for the reserved event(s) into the garage. She also told me that the guests here for dept. A's reserved event would be coming & going, & that they would need a token to exit everytime they left.

So I kept a count of how many people arrived for dept. A's reserved event....3.

I had to turn away several people who wanted to park, including a company representative from a bank who was here to hand out information to the students & faculty/staff members on the 3rd floor of the main bldg. She told me a table had been reserved for her.

I have to do a space count when I get to work at 7 a.m., at 12 p.m., & at 3 p.m., & I have to call the Parking office with the information. When I did the space count at 12 p.m., there were approximately 41 open spots in the garage. I called the parking office, & Nancy answered the phone. She looked at the Outlook calendar, & she counted the number of spots that needed to be reserved for the 2nd shift. She then told me I could let 5 cars park, & once the guests who had parked in the garage began exiting, I could let other people park.

I feel that Andrea makes rash decisions based on her feelings, not on logic. I am considering e-mailing the parking office staff asking if I can let other people park in the garage once the guests here for a reserved event begin exiting. This is only when Visitor Parking is reserved. I do not want to do this in front of a visitor who saw a car exit.