View Full Version : Open Letter to CW

03-09-2011, 03:16 AM
(I just typed this up, as is..I have a CW who is a raging bi-polar,menopausal, i dont know whats up with her. I always seem to get the brunt of her rage these days and I just had to "say" this to her...thanks for letting me vent!)

To the psycho bitch who works in the liquor departmet at the grocery store where I work:
I have been the victim of your senseless wrath three times in the last month, simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Twice youve apologised and then acted sugary-sweet toward me. I am seriously tired of witnessing your tantrums. The reason I use your line to purchase things like, the salad I was having for lunch, or a pack of cigarettes, is simply because our departments are almost next together. I never complain if there are people ahead of me; I small talk with them. I never greet you angrily, as you seem to greet everyone, customers or employees. I always say hi, and, being a naturally bubbly person, make a joke or a comment on the weather. Often times,you will reply in turn. However, when your meds wear off or you get a hot flash or whatever, and you snap at me that there are other lines open up front,or, like tonight, you throw down the box of cigarettes you were stocking and glare at me, even though there was someone else already standing there waiting; yeah not necessarily a reaction I was expecting. Like I told you tonight when you YELLED at me that I shouldve bought my cigarettes the same time I bought my salad, "I dont have to answer to you". Like I also said to you tonight, "you need to learn to stop being so nasty all the time." Your reply of "Oh yeah? Well, you need to learn to, um, buy all your stuff at once!" was clever but unneccesary. When I shook my head and told you "You are a f*cking joy, M-", and you responded "So are you...sometimes." Yeah, again, GREAT comeback but unneccesary.Im nice to everybody, never had a complaint, every manager loves me, Im part-time, easy-going, show up on time,make small talk with everyone. I seriously pick no fights, dont get into the drama. NO ONE has ever had a problem with me. I had just walked in with a smile on my face to buy a pack of butts before my CW left for the night, leaving me to close alone...so if I waited, I would have had to run over to buy them at,oh, about 10 minutes before closing. But you see, i KNEW that would set you off worse. Your rage came at me early, caught me off guard, which is why I snapped back. Because, not an hour ago, we had been talking amicably while you were on break. So I didnt know your psycho schitzo personality was out, or I would have walked on eggshells or avoided you altogether.
See, I am sick of kissing your ass, and seeing everyone else do it. You are never really nice, its always like the eye of the storm when you are not being a bitch; we know its gonna happen again, just not sure when. Dealing with you is like playing Jenga! It makes all the players a little nervous when someone approaches you.
I think that is why you are such a raging bitch at such random times; if people are afraid of you, they will always be nice to you. I really think thats it! And I think its sad. You are a sad, miserable, bitter hag. Sucks to be you, Im sure. Im sorry about that,I really am, but its not my fault, not my problem. Hope lashing out at me tonight helps you drink yourself to sleep a little easier tonight.

As for me, I filed a complaint with the MOD, who sympathised and told me to talk to Store Manager. And I am going to, and going to keep on smiling and being nice to everyone cuz I dont wanna end up a bitter pathetic person that no one wants to be around. And I will buy my butts at the gas station on the way home from now on. I dont need a daily blast of negativity. Find somewhere else to direct it.