View Full Version : I wish I could return the favor

01-31-2007, 11:51 PM
I was serving in the smoking section that night. Any server knows that a volume of guests is a crap shoot. Well the day was goin pretty crappy and no one in this back a$$ town knows how to tip. Hey guess what jerks I make 3.13 an hour!! I LIVE on tips. Yeah 10% was great 20 years ago... ever hear of inflation?
Hey If I KNOW I gave bad service and u give nothin then thats my fault but come on!!!
Anyways I get a 7 top of pretty decent looking people though looks can be decieving.
You know the type, well dressed and seemingly easy going. Well the eldest of the group orders a bottle of wine. Not a problem. Now I'm from Ohio and the law there is regardless of HOW old u look u have to have ID. I dont care if it's obvious that u are 123 years old. So I carded them and guess what.. no ID. So I refused service the nicest way I could, but told them that I wasn't sure of the laws around here and I'd be happy to get a manager. Well the manager tried to wxplain that I wasn't from around there and was afraid of loosing my ( thankless) job. They got their booze and everything was hunky dory. Well I get sat another couple of ladies who just wanted a desert and some coffee. They looked like the opposite of the 7 but hey, I serve for a reason. I can't save lives, but I can try to make your hour here a pleasent one. Well the 7 left and guess what ...no tip. I was at my breaking point. I had like 4 or 5 tables that tipped less than 5% after telling me what a great server I was. Basically a dollar per table with all bills over $50. They all said they loved my service as they were leaving, excluded the table I carded. Well the two ladies noticed the look on my face and asked me the problem. I thanked them for the consern, but I didn't want to disrupt their dining experience with my bad day. They insisted so I did while choking back my tears. They told me how great of a server I was even as the other table was running me in the ground. They even gave me a big hug and I really needed it. They had like a $15 dollar bill and must have left me 30. They told me that they weren't even going to come in that day but God told them to. I just want to let them know if they ever read this I hope they know that I will NEVER forget thier kindness, but also thier presence was the begining of a series of events that brought me back to God.:wave: