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03-16-2011, 10:46 PM
Had a right winner last friday.

Had a group walk upto me on the door, an older lady who was around the 50 mark as a guess and 2 lads and a lass all looking aound the 20 mark. Being that we got recently hit by a underage check we have to be crazy on ID's basically if they look younger than us working the door (28 and 30) we have to ID them and then if they manage to get past us the bar staff will probibly ID them as well.

Smile and say evening to the lady and then ask the 3 others for ID one lad and the lass who seem to be a couple cough up there drivers licenses and they are both early 20's. The last one has no ID on him as he left his wallet at home.....so sad too bad....cant let him in them im afraid.

The old bird starts up hes my son and i will vouch for him, which of course is turned down and they are told simply if they cannot prove his age he wont be let in, i get all the normal arguements of hes oviously old enough let him in etc etc........i just shot them down with i have asked for ID if he cannot produce it he will not be allowed in...so they started shouting they want my name and the want to talk to the manager....so i told them im xxxxx and i am the security manager and my decision is final no ID no entry. So off they go shouting they are going to complain to the owners and how i have ruined their whole evening and blah and blah etc.

Come back in saturday night and see the venue manager cooling off after his shift had finished, so i told him he missed some real winners last night to which he told me i know...have had them on the phone moaning that we are too strict with ID'ing and that the group was 2 sons with girlsfriend taking mommy out for a special meal...how they planned to spend a small fortune in our venue and what not. The VM being a former doorman himself and a realist aparantly he shot there arguement to bits as at half 10 on a friday the cooking staff have all been home for an hour so unless the special meal was a bag of nuts they were going to be disappointed ne ways, and they are glad to hear that we are following there wishes of being strict on the ID'ing at the doors.

The woman aparantly had a fit and banned herself and her family from ever entering the venue ever again........so now if i see them again i know to tell them sorry but you banned yourselves......buh byes

03-17-2011, 02:11 AM
Perfect. Just perfect.

03-20-2011, 10:53 PM
Any time you're going someplace that requires ID and you don't bring it, I'm assuming you have a reason, such as being underage or banned.

That woman was a lying harpy and I'm glad to hear she's banned.