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03-19-2011, 12:10 AM
I feel bad about complaining, but..;
I was hired to do 30 projects, by a bosslady who informed me that she knew this was an impossible workload, but it was temporary, the team was going to expand.
Bosslady gave us working hours 10am to late, with working from home easily avalible (we write a lot of reports, so writing them at home without the distraction of being in an openplan office with 50+ people is really useful.)

Then she quit. We've had a bunch of random part time/inexperienced team leads since, so I've taken on a serious role with the team finances - someone had to.
Our latest boss (number 5 by my count, and the last 3 have been appointed behind our back - there's little more embarassing than having to ask the chair of the latest team meeting who the f##k he is and what is his interest in the team...)

Our current bossman is objecting to me emailing in if I'm running late/sick, he wants only phone communication, despite repeated explaination that if we ring in, a) we have no proof that we've contacted the office and b) the official phone contact is an admin lass who keeps contacting someone random in management, which means the team don't usually find out someone has called in. (seriously, she didn't let the last team lead know people had called in..)

So, I've been demoted, the finance involvement has been totally taken from me - technically correctly, as it is not part of my job, but since no-one else does it, it has been unofficially part of my job for the last 2+ years. Our working hours have changed from 10am+ to 9am+, without our new bossman recognising that he's changing accepted working conditions and removing a major benefit. His only comment is "got that in writing?". He's missing the legal implications of 3 years of accepted practise...

Three years later, we ain't expanded, we've contracted and I'm still juggling 30 projects.
I'm > < away from quitting.

03-19-2011, 01:45 AM
That sucks. The only suggestion I can make is about the call-in thing. Call in like he asks, then email a confirmation and blind copy yourself (so you can keep a record). He won't like it, but you'll be technically doing as he asks as well as covering your own ass.

03-19-2011, 03:47 AM
I wonder how badly they'll beg you to come back if you quit.

03-20-2011, 10:44 PM
My previous supervisor (so glad she's gone) would not notify anyone for hours if I called in sick or late. I started calling the other secretary in my group, who would then email everyone in the group and the supervisor. I got a hissy of a message from the supervisor that I was supposed to CALL HER when sick or late.

So, I started calling and leaving her a message, then I would call the other secretary if I was going to be late, or I would email everyone from home if I were sick.

I still email everyone when I'm sick. The get the information hours earlier that way.