View Full Version : It's like a whole new world + bittersweet indirect revenge.

04-06-2011, 03:18 AM
There's been a lot of background change going on. There's a lot here, be prepared. :)

A week and half ago, I transferred stores. Yup, I no longer work at Old Store that's right up the street from my place. Instead, I get to drive across town to New Store.

Having worked in the same store and department for five years, I was quite used to that daily routine. It took me a few days to get used to everything and everyone but I think I have it down now.

I am still just in awe at how different it is over here. The co-workers are genuine nice, management is awesome, the store is more clean and organized, and the one bad part is that the customers are a helluva lot worse. I guess that's what I get for going from a store in an old folks neighborhood to a store near downtown. Oh well.

However, I didn't exactly leave all happy-like. This was something that I HAD to do, not WANT to do. At the Old Store, I was only getting weekend nights only, which put a huge dent in my wallet and put me back on some of my bills. At the New Store, I was guaranteed four days and mornings, I'd be a fool to turn this down. Also, I was butting heads with the store manager there, I felt she scheduled me like that on purpose to get me out. I can't be too sure of that though.

To be fair, Old Store is a dying store, with less and less customers coming in each day. It was bad enough to have hours cut there four separate times in two months. The kicker with me was the fact that management came after my hours first. That's where I get off thinking they were out for me. So, I made some calls to pick up hours elsewhere before being asked to just transfer, so I did and here I stand.

Now, here comes the bittersweet indirect revenge...

Unlike Old Store, New Store's manager actually talks to me about the conference calls that he participates in. Sales-wise, New Store is inferior to Old Store. But that's about to change.

During this last conference call, our numbers are going up while Old Store is plummeting. Their customer count went down again and they also had more hours cut. Clearly I abandoned that ship before it was too late.

I'm loving this. Ever since I left that store, I wished it a long painful death and it looks as if it's going that way. For Old Store's manager to be either demoted or transferred because of this is the ultimate icing on the cake. :devil:

So, why is this bittersweet? Well, I may be laughing at all of this, but I still have friends there at that store that I still talk to. A struggling college student, an older single mother, a young man who just became a father who all need hours too. Other jobs actually are hard to come by here right now so this is all they have. Hopefully there will come a time to jump the ship for them.

Meanwhile, I must continue adjusting to my new world!