View Full Version : Two machines went TU tonight.

04-14-2011, 01:15 AM
TU: Tits up. (Rest of the explanation whited it because it's mildly gross) When cows die and their bodies are not cared for, they fall on their side, with their legs straight out. As they decay, their stomachs build up gas, which causes them to move onto their backs. The gas fills their udders so they stick straight up.
Anyway. I work this night in dish room, but tonight, the dishwasher broke before I got there. When I was putting on my hairnet, I discovered another workroom hazard: Hairnets and eyebrow rings. >.o Owchies

I WOULD have gone to clean tables, but one of the full time workers said "Hey... I need help in my station." I kinda doubted he truly needed the help, but at least I was spared the cleaning. :D

While I was there, One of the other full timers told a Student Manager "Dude, I mopped in front of the soda machine like five times in an hour, we need to fix it." :wtf:

I pop up, and say "Hey, I'll check it out, SM. I'm not bad with fixing stuff." I get sent over.

I walk over, and open the doors below the machine. A flood of water pours out (Bad sign) so I start looking for the cause, and touching the pipe joints and...

The drainage pipe isn't attached, it's just hanging over the copper pipe... and it was flooding... :help:

We put up a "Out Of Service!" sign, and at least three people used it anyway, causing even more flooding.

EDIT!: I also forgot to mention, the guy who I was working with, almost got stuck with a boy I've dubbed "Useless Sher-derpderp." He threatened to quit.

04-14-2011, 10:22 AM
Trade you...they are destroy...er remodeling our store. After finding massive "shortcuts" taken last time (thereby throwing the schedule off by a good three days), I come in, and find out how they are doing things. Come to find out our soda machine has mold growing in the drain tubes, and some ijot managed to disconnect one of the four-thereby spilling this :censored: all over the floor, where they are due to remove tile. At least I caught them befor ethey cut through, and we had this leaking into the store.

04-14-2011, 04:03 PM
Trade you...

Nawwww.... I'm good. :D Besides, I'm not in charge so I can enjoy it. I just imagine someone said "The washer's broken, it can't get any worse." Then the soda machine went. :roll: