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04-17-2011, 08:42 PM
This event was held last Friday.

In the past guests here for the counselor fest parked in Visitor parking, & there were several spots that were reserved for that event.

This year the guests had to park at the student garage at the college of business, but this information was not on the Outlook calendar, & the parking office did not inform me of this via e-mail or over the phone before the guests started arriving. Several guests arrived at the Visitor parking booth telling me they were here for that event. They did not tell me they were given information explaining that they had to park at the other garage. So I let them park, & I also told them they needed to get a token to exit.

Then I get a phone call from the parking office telling me 1) the guests here for the counselor fest are supposed to park at the student garage at the college of business & 2) they were e-mailed information explaining to park at that garage. I looked at the Outlook calendar, but that information was not on there. So I let them know.

More guests arrived for the event. One guest told me she did not read the e-mail regarding the parking arrangement, & another guest told me she was told to park at Visitor parking. I do not know where she got that information from. So I gave her directions to get to the other garage. She told me that was too confusing for her & that she was going home.

I wonder what caused these guests to think they were told to park in Visitor parking, & I wonder how many guests actually read the e-mail.

One guest who parked in Visitor parking pressed the call button on the call box at the exit gate to let me know she was not given a token to exit. I transferred the call to the Parking office.