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04-18-2011, 04:11 AM
So I got hired on at this company for a "receptionist" position, I went in today for training, which basically consisted of the manager giving us scripts (there were about 4 other girls that got hired along with me) and having us read them to eachother for a few minutes. Then we got put on the phone, well our phones, the people that had unlimited evenings and weekends on their cell phones used those, yeah, I know. Then when we were actually making calls, essentially we're calling a list of people that the sales reps had given the company that have people who they know who are looking for work, we were told to block the number, I could see doing that if you're on your cell, but blocking the business number? I could not get over the overwhelming sense of ick that I had there, and less than halfway through my shift I quit, I just couldn't work for a company like that.

Not to mention they have not so great reviews online for the sales rep positions (which is not what I was doing) where they have to pay a deposit on the demo items they're selling or some such, but they don't mention that in the interviews, or something along those lines.

Just not a great environment. I would have been out of there a lot sooner if they had told me I had to use my phone, because I'm on a pay and talk plan, so I pay 25cents a minute, it would have COST me money to work there. I didn't feel right about the tactics used to get people to come in for sales rep interviews, and I'm not in such a desperate situation that I needed to stay luckily. I avoid working in fast food like the plague but I'd rather work flipping burgers than doing this, and that says something about how honest I felt the work was.

04-18-2011, 06:13 AM
I would have refused to use my phone from the get go. I pay for my minutes. They want to use my phone they can pay my phone bill, IN ADVANCE IN ADDITION to pay.

04-18-2011, 07:04 AM
Yeah, exactly. I would have told them exactly that, or else just left. I didn't because they had me using their office phone, but I stayed 2 hours longer than I should have in any case. Just ick business practices in general.