View Full Version : Earth day vendor tailgated at Visitor Parking booth

04-24-2011, 07:21 PM
This incident happened last Thursday.

An Earth Day vendor drove up to the Visitor Parking booth window & told me he & the guy behind him were here for Earth Day. So I raise the gate next to the booth for him to enter. The guy behind him does not bother to wait for the gate to go down. He just tailgated behind the first guy. The gate arm lands on the hood of his car. He stops, & he says to me...

I thought you would let the gate arm stay up."

I replied "No, the gate arm goes up one time & it goes down one time."

The gate arm was at an angle, & the hinges were loose.

The bottom of the two gate arms at the Visitor Parking booth are covered in foam as well as the entrance gate & the exit gate to Visitor Parking.

Standard procedure whenever anyone tailgates is to call campus police, & a campus cop will arrive & take a statement from the person & inspect their car.

So campus police arrive, & guess what the guy told him.

According to him I told him he could go on through, & so that is why he tailgated. The reason why I know this is because the campus cop asked me if I told him he could go on through. I told the campus cop I never told him that. The first guy who arrived, who was with him, stayed with him the entire time.

The campus cop told him he could park in Visitor Parking.

Then several minutes later the guy who told me he was with him pressed the button on the call box at the Visitor Parking exit gate & told me he needed to leave to get ice & that he would be back later. So I transferred the call to the Parking office. Nancy *not her real name*, a parking office clerk, answered the phone. I told her exactly why I was calling. She spoke to him at the exit gate. He backed up, & he exited a couple of hours later.

Then a couple of hours later Missy *not her real name*, a parking office clerk, called me & asked if there is foam on the bottom of the entrance gate to Visitor Parking. I told her yes.