View Full Version : A Funny Return

Miss Maple Leaf
05-27-2011, 10:05 PM
I had this return today shortly before my shift ended, and I thought it was kind of amusing.

Me: Obvious
C: Customer

The customer was returning a light that he didn't need, and gave me his phone number. He explained though, that it was his new number, and might not be in the system. I figured I'd try it anyway, and he was right; it wasn't listed in our system.

Me: You're right, it's not in there.
C: Here, try this one. It's my previous number. *Says number*
Me: *tries it. no luck* I'm sorry, that one isn't listed either.
C: Okay, then try this one. *Gives me the number he had before that*
Me: Still no luck. Are you sure you exist? :lol:
C: *he laughs too* I hope so! My wife's in the car; she'll be disappointed if I don't!
Me: Here, I'll just add you into the system under the first number you gave me. :D
C: Okay. :D

After that, the return went off without a hitch.

(We have to enter the customers' phone numbers into the system first to process a return, and when we do we're given a list of all the people who have returned something under that number and we can select the correct person. Sometimes people get a new number and it has to be added into our system since they're still under their old ones.
Since he wasn't in our system at all that means he never did a return with us. I wonder if he did one at another location and thought the systems were all connected, and that's why he thought he would be listed under at least one of the numbers he gave me. Oh well. He was pleasant throughout instead of sucky and it didn't really seem like a Brain Burp to me, so I stuck it here.)