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02-10-2007, 01:47 PM
So, I was on the phone with my boss when my kitten started to scratch the couch. I shooed her off, and kept talking. Few minutes later she does it again, and I shake my finger at her, calling her bad kitty. She sniffed my finger, turned around and ripped into the couch again. I was laughing so hard, I couldn't aim with my water bottle XD.

If you change the litter box, she'll go the second it's done, no matter how clean it was before it was changed.

When we first got her, she would stand up like a gopher.

She loves to sleep on a kitchen stool. If you pet her too much, she'll fall off the couch purring so much, then get mad and walk away.

If you pick her up, she starts to sigh alot. I'm seriously. she be "Whaa... huh.... Whuuu huh..." then she'lll struggle to get away.

Anyone else got any pet stories?

02-10-2007, 06:14 PM
My dog Hopper likes to sleep on his back. It's rather cute. Also, when he lies on his belly and stretches his front paws out in front, they are always crossed - he's in "civilised" mode when he's doing that!
He also has the most revolting farts in the world. Seriously, he can clear a room! Yeurgh! He also has this adorable way of tilting his head to one side while you're talking to him.

Oh, and he can pee on command :)

02-10-2007, 07:32 PM
We have decided Rio is double or triple jointed- yes, we know there is no such thing as triple jointed. She can lay on the floor flat with all 4 legs spread straight out and I don't mean just forward and back- I mean straight to the side as well.

We tease that she's part giraffe because her neck is so long she can actually lick her own neck.

She will climb half way up onto the couch or bed and then sigh heavily and try and look pathetic. She only does this when my youngest is around because she knows he'll pick up her back end and put it on the bed for her. :rolleyes:

She is a clutz. She trips and falls down more than any dog I've ever seen. She also bangs her head regularly. There have been times where I've walked down the hallway behind her and she's tried to glace over her shoulder at me and *THWACK* hits her head on the wall. She bangs her head on the under side of the key board tray every couple of days. Sometimes hard enough to dislodge it from it's track.

My best dog stories came from my Lady- Girl though. May she rest in peace.

Once, I was on my way downstairs I was going too fast and when I stepped off the bottom stair I twisted my ankle and I heard SNAP! or maybe CRACK! As I started to fall I had to twist even farther to keep from falling through a full length pane glass window.

I had an intense and horrible pain shooting up my leg. there was nausea, etc. I was sure I had broke it. I was in the hallway of my apartment building so I figured I could yell and get a neighbor to get my hubby. Nope- no one home at all.

Meanwhile, upstairs Lady was going insane. Hubby said she kept running up and she'd bark or whine at him and then knock his hand off the computer mouse. Then she'd run to the front door. After she did this twice he decided to see what was making her crazy.

So, in a total, "Lassie, has Timmy fallen in the well?" moment I was saved by my dog.

02-10-2007, 09:46 PM
my Kitten(that I had to get rid if-due to hubby's allergies)-used to hiss if you got near him, I got tired of it and hissed back-he got this total "I'm sorry" look, and jumped up on my lap purring!

02-10-2007, 10:39 PM
Sarah (R.I.P) - American Staffy cross, was very intelligent, and could unbuckle her own collar, and was constantly taking it off. She loved to watch TV, and would sit on the lounge staring at the screen, and also figured out how to turn it on, so she could watch TV in the middle of the night, when everyone else was asleep.

Andy - 50 kg mastiff x ridgeback, but thinks he is a lap og, and always tries to sit on your lap when you sit on the lounge. He has this "curious look" where he tilts his head to the side when listening to you, and can lay on his belly with all 4 legs stretched straight out, and when you stand over him, he looks like a giant starfish. Alternately, he will have his front legs out staight in front, and his back legs kind of bent and out behind him, making him look like a giant frog. He snores loud enough to wake the dead as well!

Stevie - Spoodle x Kelpie, he wants to play fetch 24/7, and he never gets tired of it. He is super nosy, and has to know what everyone is doing and where they are at any given time. He will sit at a window, and watch the neighbours, or he will be out on the balcony watching the neighbours. He will also watch the world go by, sitting at the window next to the front door (unfortunately for him, we live on a very quiet, very boring street).

Buster - Cat (just a domestic short hair), thinks he is a dog, preferes dog food to his own. He will not eat seafood flavoured food, and but will eat fresh seafood. He loves having a bath (if you are running the water, and don't shut the bathroom door fast enough, he is in the tub swimming laps in the warm water before you can say "boo"). He tends to get into fights with other cats because he thinks he is bigger than what he really is, so he always gets beat up by bigger cats. Has no collar because everytime we buy him one, he wil dissapear for 5 mins and come back without it (he leaves them hanging from the branches of a very tall tree down the street).

*** These are just a few of their quirks... There are alot more!!

02-11-2007, 01:25 AM
When ever I have a shower and leave the door open, my cat Cleo will either sit on the toilet if there is a towel there or on the bathmat and watch me have a shower. :lol: When I get out, she'll look at me funny and then jump into the wet tub to watch the water drip out of the tap.

She likes to play peek-a-boo on the back of the couch, too. If I'm being sneaky on one end, she'll jump up on top and run to where I am. But if I jump up from being crouched there, she'll freak and run back to the floor. She'll also swat at my face if I don't move from there and just stare at her. :lol:

Also, if I leave wrappers from my Ferrero Rocher chocolates lying around, she will paw them, pick them up in her mouth to take someplace else, and chase them when I throw them. :)

She has about 15 different toys (spolied, I know) that I usually pile up on the base of her scratching post. More often than not, when I get up in the morning and go into the living room, every single toy is on the floor, in a classic "explosion" pattern. :lol:

02-11-2007, 02:05 AM
Owning a greyhound makes for entertainment. One of the problems owning one is that when they get out, they get out FAST. One day, he got out and I found him at Kroger of all places. He got inside the store and was walking around. Seeing as he is bigger than a normal greyhound he scared a few people but the staff had a great laugh about it.

In my living room we put up gates in front of the couches to prevent him from sleeping on them. Before we did that, he made a game of what I call couch spy, where he would keep an eye on the stairs and when he was sure we were all upstairs onto the couches he goes.

By the way, Iradney I love the avatar. I go into giggles every time I see it. I've been doing it to freak out my sister and saying we must do the forbidden dance in strange voices, quite a bit of fun.

02-11-2007, 03:28 AM
My beagle likes to lay down on top of the couch against the window and look outside. He also likes to sleep under the covers, at the end of the bed. And he enjoys laying sideways, so not only are you really hot from having another body against you, you get a lot less space. If you are just laying down on the couch with a blanket over you, he will crawl under it and curl up against your legs. And that damn nose of his, he can find ANYTHING. Even if it's a wrapped up box of chocolates in my moms workbag and he never saw them in the first place, he'll still smell them and find them. But best of all, he will chase the neighborhood cats if we are in the frontyard and he sees one. He's treed them all a few times. I think it's funny but apparently the owners don't quite agree.

02-11-2007, 05:34 AM
I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, I know, I know

P.C. (Precious Cuddles) - Sleeps under covers, and sticks her head out onto a pillow. She has every one trained. Will not eat, while someone is watching her. Love the attention, from everyone

Timon - Gets halfway onto a couch or bed, and gives that look, that, You will help me up, even tho, he can get onto the bed and ouch easy. Waits til my dad goes to work, then jumps onto the bed, to lay next to my mom.

Baby - Has the attitude, that her she doesn't smell, likes to suck at my arm...Kneading, like kittens does, to their mothers, never out grew that stage.

Stretch - Runs from me, whenever I get near her, then loves me up, after I wash my hands. Her and my dad, gets into little fights. He messes with her, and she swats at him. Once he walked by her, and she just hit him out of the blue. Gives P.C. kisses on her head. When I do hold her, then she will somehow manage to uppercut me, every time.

Lucky - Plays with everything, except for most of the toys we have bought for them. Will softly bite you, and give you a bunch of kisses.

02-11-2007, 07:57 AM
By the way, Iradney I love the avatar. I go into giggles every time I see it. I've been doing it to freak out my sister and saying we must do the forbidden dance in strange voices, quite a bit of fun.

:lol: glad you like it! It's my favourite avatar too for that same reason! *giggle*

Hopper also chases his own tail! No, we didn't teach him to do that :) When he wants attention, he'll put his head on my leg and give me the melty chocolate eyes. I'm a sucker for those eyes.
When we're cooking, he'll sit by your feet in the kitchen and paw at you, trying to get you to "shake paw" so he can get some of that food. He also does high-fives :)

02-11-2007, 03:45 PM
Iradney- Did you ever get the new puppy? (Sorry, I'm too lazy to find the other thread)... :D

Rio also stands right next to me when I'm cooking. When I walk from the stove to the fridge she walks right along with me, ears perked up just in case I decide she needs some or I drop something. That drives my mother insane- I think it's funny and it doesn't bother me.

She's also over protective of me. We have a running joke that she's the "Proximity Dog" like a Proximity Alarm. Any time my hubby touches me she gets between us and knocks his hand away with her nose. If he hugs me she'll stand up on her hind legs and hug one of us- then she tries to walk the person she has ahold of away from the other one.

My hubby and I don't wrestle around too much (we're old and tired you know). One day we were both feeling energetic and silly and we were wrestling around. Rio was running around us barking at hubby. He picked me up and threw me on the bed (hubby's a strong guy) Rio jumped up on the bed as he was bending down and bit him on the nose. Not hard- no blood- but you just don't mess with The Mama! Geez- what was he thinking? :lol:

02-11-2007, 05:23 PM
Let's see. We have (this is going to be long..lol)

Sydney- (Yellow Lab X) she's the oldest dog and she's very "motherly". We've had her since I was 8 and everytime either my brother or I would start to play too rough she would bark and bark and bark until we would stop. She also gets "depressed". If she thinks we aren't paying enough attention to her she'll go lay in my parents room with her head under the bed and won't come out till we baby her enough.

Guinness- (Choc Lab) Rescued from a puppy mill raid. He was very very very sick when we got him and is still to this day allergic to everything. He's very very clumsy, knocks over everything and is OBSSESSED with his tennis ball. He's just a typical boy (No offense) He also does that wierd starfish thing when he lays down.

Brandy (Jack Russell/ Doxie X) My dog. She's the princess and gets very very jealous if her "mommy" (me) pays attention to anyone but her. Out of all three dogs though she'd probably be the first one to actually attack someone if they tried to hurt her family. She actually tried to bite my now- boyfriend on the head on our first date.

Then the cats:

Penny: (longhaired black cat) queen of everything. She will only wear a pink collar. I'm not sure how she knows the difference but she does.

Lucky: (Torti) "Rat cat" She is the meanest rattiest little cat that you would ever see in your life. She hates everyone and everything.

Cash: (Bengal mix) Someone dumped her and her brother and sister over my best friends fence when we were in 10th grade. She's my dad's favorite and she is insane. The first bird she ever caught was flying over our pool. She caught the thingin mid-air and dragged it down into the pool. One soaking wet kitten and thousands of feathers later we figured out what had happened. She was 4 months old. We tried getting her to wear a collar with a bell on it, but she figured out how to take them off. :rolleyes: She also likes to take a shower in my parents bathroom sink every morning.

Niles: (DSH) my cat. He loves loves loves to annoy all the other cats, and the dog, and my parents. Cash also taught him how to take off his collar whenever he feels like it.

Then theres Natasha the narcoleptic Leopard Gecko. She will litterally fall asleep in the water bowl. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen ( Note: Te vet says she is perfectly healthy, just ....strange). She is also completely in love with her boyfriend Murphy..the non-narcoleptic Leopard Gecko.

And all the fish. My house is a zoo.:D

02-12-2007, 02:35 AM
I have two shorthair black kitties. The eldest (~6 yrs old) is an 18lbs male who is incredibly timid and the younger one (11 months) is a 9lb female who is quite the opposite.

When the big one was still a kitten, he was running around my bedroom (just being a typical kitten) while I was sitting on the floor and my boyfriend was lying on my bed. He jumps on the bed and starts climbing onto my boyfriend, all the while doing his little kitten meows. He makes his way to my boyfriend's chest, looks him straight in the eye, and lets out this low, rumbling meow (like he was imitating a lion). It was cute, because it seemed like he was trying to assert his position as alpha male or something.

The little one still has the kitten in her. Everything is a toy to her. She chases her tail if it catches her eye (it's a long tail...longer than the other cat's!). She still gets into everything, like closets and cupboards. When I leave the apartment, I have to watch out, because she likes to escape and tear down the hallway. Pain in the butt when I'm already running late for work, but she's cute, so she is always forgiven. :D

02-12-2007, 04:36 AM
Iradney- Did you ever get the new puppy? (Sorry, I'm too lazy to find the other thread)... :D

Hey NA :) nah, I haven't gotten the new pup yet. TTO's birthday is only in June, but I like to plan ahead. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ahead....:o

02-12-2007, 01:18 PM
I have a baaaad kitty.

If he gets bored, he gets into anything and everything. Just last night, I caught him chewing on a DVD cover box.

One of his favorite things to do, is take *all* of his toys, and throw them downstairs. He'll actually take them all into the kitchen, and bat them until they fly off the steps. Then he sits there and whines.

His other favorite thing to do is to hide. He'll hide under the kitchen table, the 3 little tables in front of my couch, on the end tables, behind the couch, and behind the furnace. He actually got into trouble while hiding once--he got into one of the basement cabinets, climbed on the shelves, and managed to destroy one of my models by pouncing on it :cry:

02-12-2007, 10:46 PM
I have a baaaad kitty.

If he gets bored, he gets into anything and everything. Just last night, I caught him chewing on a DVD cover box.

His other favorite thing to do is to hide. He'll hide under the kitchen table,

You know, if I'm reading or playing my gameboy on my bed, Thelma will climb on my chest and start chewing on the bookend or gameboy. She also hides behind the refridagtor whenever a kid comes over, so we think she was abused by them when she was younger, as she fears them all.

Cept /pumpkin head/ as we call her. She seems to love her for some reason. o_O.

02-12-2007, 11:19 PM
Iradney--I'm very familiar with the "paw" moves. We taught my mom's yellow lab, Sunny, to "give paw" as a command, thinking it was neat. She now will smack you if she wants a treat, with no regard to the fact that she is huge, and it does hurt. Sunny also thinks she is a lap dog, and is rather large for that, at 93+lbs. She too does the "head tilt," especially when you ask her questions.

Our favorite thing that Sunny does though, is her "I've got something I'm not sposed to have" dance. Basically, if you're upstairs or in another room, and she gets ahold of a towel/sock/entire coffee cake/etc that she's not supposed to have, she does this little happy dance that you can hear from almost anywhere in the house, that totally gives her away. :D It's really rather adorable.

As for my kitties, Franzia is a trouble maker. She likes to sit in the bathtub and meow at the ceiling, especially when I'm trying to sleep. She also has to be in there to check out the drips after I shower, will play in the toilet if you leave the lid up and sleeps in the bathroom sink. Lily likes to sleep on top of me, especially in the winter, and can hear the sound of a can of food being opened from a mile away. She occasionally will get too excited about her food, eat it all in 2.2 seconds, then wander out into the living room, look pointedly at me, and puke it all up on my carpet.

If I'm talking on my phone, they seem to assume I'm talking to them, and like to be on my chest until my conversation is done. They also both will rub their faces on my face, and even my mouth, while I'm talking.

They have leashes and like to go outside on them. They've escaped exactly once since I've owned them---in the summer when my A/C was not working, I'd leave the slider open, just a screen door between them and outside. One day while I was running errands, they climbed the screen and knocked it off the tracks, onto the balcony. When I got home, Lily was chilling on the balcony railing, and ran inside as soon as she saw me. I closed the door, then found Franzia downstairs on my neighbors balcony, curled up in a corner and scared out of her mind. I had to carry her back upstairs, and they haven't tried it since.

02-13-2007, 12:11 AM
Bayley our current cat is the best! She's a little ginger girl, and behaves more like a dog than a cat.

1. we tought her to play fetch! She LOVES playing it and will often bring the ball to you when she's in the mood

2. we tought her how to go to the toilet ON the ACTUAL toilet :) hehe she uses the pitty

3. she loves making new friends and will go up to almost anyone and ask for a ascratch or for them to play fetch with her.

4. she's a sneaky litle bugger. Once we kicked her out of the lounge room because she was being a pain. 5 min later she was sitting at the balcony door begging to be let in, we'd forgotten to close our windows! lol let her in, and kicked her out of theloung room again but this time I closed the windows in the bedroom. 5 min later she was outside again begging to be let in, lol she worked out how to open them!

she makes me laugh, chasing her tail and all that

02-13-2007, 06:25 AM
I posted this in its own thread months ago, but it's such a nutty story that it bears repeating. I *still* die a little bit inside when I think about it! :runaway:


"So, I signed my pup Rocco up for obedience classes through Pet Smart, and this class has been *great*- worth every penny, I swear!

Tonight was our second to last class, and we were practicing leash walking all through the store. We made the mistake of walking through the fish section, which already creeped me out because I'm deathly afraid of most fish, especially GOLDFISH.

I hatehatehatehateHATE goldfish. I do ok when I'm around fish as long as there is a lid on the tank, but if there isn't I pretty much stay out of the area, period. I know, I'm nuts.

So, the instructor led the class all around the store, and I had no choice but to venture through the fish area. All was well, until I saw a feeder goldfish flopping around on the floor!

Which freaked me the hell out, naturally!

And got Rocco really, REALLY excited about it without meaning to.

I pulled back on the leash, but in my panic mode accidentally dropped it. Rocco took off, snatched up the poor fish, and chomped down on it!

Which made me scream even harder and run away! I actually hid behind another dog owner, swear to Gord. The instructor tried to pry the fish out of his mouth, but it was too late. He scarfed it down and licked his little doggie lips.

Which practically killed me right on the spot. I was SO freaked out, and still am!

So of course, chaos ensues, everyone in the class and surrounding area freaks out and then laughs at me (well, with me, I'm humiliated but I still think it's funny), and I'm sobbing hysterically and laughing at the same time. I remember even offering to pay for the fish, I was so beside myself!

I'm just glad I didn't pee myself. Honestly, I wouldn't have been suprised if I did. If ANYTHING were going to make me pee out of fear, this would!

The worst part? Minutes later, Rocco tried to lick my face. HELL FREAKING NO!

I'm still in shock. Just... AUGHGHAH! EWW! GAG! VNLSFGUSDOI! *dies*"

02-14-2007, 04:09 AM
I had my kitten for 2 weeks before she gave me a heart attack.
There are some trees in our backyard that are 4 stories high. I know this since my house is the same height. See where this is going?
Now we had a collar with a bell on it for her, but she was so small the damned thing wouldn't fit and she hated it.
My husband and I were leaving to go to work, and the garage is in the basement pretty much so we went downstairs, closed the door behind us and opened the garage door.
Then my husband realized he had forgotten something and went back upstairs but didn't close the door behind him.
When he came down, he said he didn't see her up there...I was worried and I went up to look for her.
No where in the house.
We eventually realized she had darted through the door he had left open and went out the garage!
He had to get to work, so I called in sick and went looking.
There was this crow in the trees cawing the whole time I combed the alley and under any cars in the street.
My neighbour said he hadn't seen any little black and white kittens running around.
I was freaking out, I felt like such a bad kitty owner.
Then my neighbour said he heard something. A very faint mewing between crow caws.
We looked up to the crow and in the tree next to him, 3 stories above ground was a tiny black and white kitten crying.
She looked at me and kept crying and crying.
She slowly started to come down, but made as if she wanted to jump at me every few branches.
She cried the whole way down and it was her genius idea to climb the tree in the first place.
I eventually pulled her off a branch when she came close enough and she nuzzled my neck right away and stopped crying.
She got as many kitty treats as she could eat and was wrestled into the bell collar right away.

02-14-2007, 07:56 PM
Shortly after we moved into our current house, about 6 years ago now, a skinny little cat started visiting our yard. We convinced Mum to buy some cat food, and started feeding this adorable but clearly under-fed cat. (She had a collar so we knew she wasn't a stray.) Turns out she lived across the street, but didn't get fed over there cos their other cats scared her off. So we adopted her! This became official when we bought her a cat-bowl. Dad's reaction: "Oh great, I hate cats!"

Her name is actually Tana, but I call her Sunday, cos she's a lazy thing. Now she's fat enough to be called 'fat cat' by Mum. Dad is the only one whose lap she'll sit on. She gets to sleep on my bed when she likes, but always meows to wake me up between 3am and 5am. :( That's really bad for my beauty sleep!

When I'm home alone and Sunday's inside, I know where to find her. Upstairs on my parents' bathmat. If her water bowl is empty, she'll drink from the shower floor. Like many cats, she hates water! One time we tried to wash her. Started filling the tub, closed the bathroom door so she was stuck with us. She huddled against the door, meowing, so we gave up. I guess she'll just have to stay dirty.

She's a good cat and I love her heaps, as you can tell. I like to pick her up and tell her how good she is, or sometimes how bad she is, but always in a happy voice ("who's my good/bad little kitty?" etc). That way she never learns what my parents don't want her to do, like sleep on their bed. Like most pets, she's shockingly spoiled. :)

When I was little, we had a dog, Gypsy (RIP). She was a mix, part sheep-dog. Used to bite Mum's heels when she was a puppy. On hot days, she was allowed inside, though she'd mostly just nap on her mat then. I mostly remember her around 10 years old (she was a year older than me). She was a fantastic dog, very well-behaved. Liked a little bit of fetch, but mostly just liked attention. Loved a walk, and being let off her leash for a run around the park. She didn't do anything funny, really, but she lived to be 19. I miss her.

02-14-2007, 09:25 PM
My cat's a little crazy. His full name is actually Prince Gandalf the Grey Schizophrenic Almighty Giver of Wisdom and Advice. I just call him Gandalf though.

He used to hate when I talked on the phone cause it meant I wasn't paying attention to him. This was in high school when cell phones were only for emergencies and I had a real phone in my room, with the little button that switched between calls (for call waiting) or disconnected the call. Well, Gandalf learned that if he pressed that button, I stopped talking on the phone. All my friends, if we got disconnected, would call back and ask if Gandalf was being an attention whore.

Also, whenever I was giving my friends advice, and ONLY when I was giving my friends advice, Gandalf would get right up next to the phone and start meowing at it. So we decided he was trying to help and would decipher his thoughts and figure out "his" advice. He gave good advice too. :lol:

We got Gandalf right about the time my dog wanted puppies. So Gandalf WAS her puppy. She would bath him and cuddle with him -- he often, suring the day, would sleep curled up next to her (he slept with me at night and she slept under my bed). Whenever Gandalf would do something wrong and me or one of my parents would yell his name, you could SEE Fawn sigh and then stand up and trot to wherever Gandalf was. And then she would hold him down and bathe him as punishment.

If I'm at Mom's now (Gandalf still lives with her) he HAS to be either in my arms or at my feet.

And he doesn't like to be help like a normal cat. He puts his back paws on either side of your hips and his front paws on your shoulder (sometimes he'll do both my shoulders and give me a hug). And being that he's 25 pounds and a tall, long kitty, it looks like you're holding a dang toddler. :roll:

He's ornery and picky and just wants to be loved and cuddled, but hey, he's 15. Who can deny a sweet and cute old cat?

Is it obvious I adore my baby?

02-15-2007, 01:56 AM
Is it obvious I adore my baby?

Isn't it obvious by this thread that we all love our babies? ;)

I took Sunny (the yellow lab) out last night, twice, just so she could run circles in the snow up to her chest. I'm just glad she's so solid and tough, because she has a tendency to get real excited in all her running and jumping, and end up face planting on the side walk. :eek: She scared the crap outta my mom this morning when she was out with her invisible fence collar on by hiding off to the side of the house where there are no windows and not coming when my mom called for her. Guess she just wasn't ready to come inside yet.

02-15-2007, 03:48 PM
I borrowed Gatekeeper's cats when I was over there - the ones that would tolerate me, that is. Does that count?


02-15-2007, 04:27 PM
My boy cat (Stripes) always goes in the litter box immediately after it's been cleaned, too. And sometimes WHILE it's being cleaned. His sister (Stars) is very private. We've had them since July and I think I've seen her in there once. She just doesn't do it if we're in the room.

We did the spray bottle thing when we first got them, mostly to keep them off the table (they were declawed at 5 months :( ). They ran at first but then it stopped bothering them, especially Stripes. When you aim the bottle at him he crouches down and stares at you. He sees it as a challenge (also he likes water). Then we figured out that they don't like the dial tone when you put the phone on speaker, so we used that for a while. Thatt doesn't work anymore, either.

My cats were found on my cousin's boat. He was hosing it down the day after it went in the water and he found 4 newborn kittens in a cabinet, dripping wet. Now Stripes loves water (but not to be submerged) - runs into the tub when I get out of the shower, plays in the sink while I brush my teeth, splashes in his water dish; Stars will watch him but will NOT get wet.

Stars doesn't meow, she squeaks. She just doesn't have much of a voice, I guess. (I say her meow is broken.) Though yesterday she actually let out a real meow (just one). Stripes has no problem letting you know when he wants something. I hear him outside my door all the time asking to come in (I don't like to have him in my room cuz he gets into everything; Stars just comes in and hides in the space between 2 boxes under my bed.) He's working on opening doors but hasn't quite managed it yet. I think it's just a matter of time.

Yesterday my mom made cupcakes for Valentine's Day, and put one at each of our places at the table. One of them now has little kitty tongue-prints in the frosting. (Luckily he did not get sick, since it was chocolate.) Stars loves vegetables. Especially peas - she plays "pea soccer" for a while before she eats them. They also love to play with foil balls and straws. (If your cat likes balls, try a little monkey in the middle...play catch with someone else and watch the cat go nuts :).) Stars's favorite place is on the footrest of the armchair, even if it's not all the way up and she's at an angle. Stripes likes to hide UNDER the chair when the footrest is up. I'm always afraid someone will close it and he'll get crushed. I think there's enough room, actually, but I don't think he'd be able to get out.

Pablo (the chihuahua in my avatar) is a character too. He belongs to my ex. He is the most pitiful thing. In that picture he's being petted, believe it or not. He's too small to get on most furniture (6 pounds, ~8 inches tall) so he wines and puts his feet on your leg until you pick him up. Then when he wants to get down he cries while looking over the edge, and going back and forth as if there will be a better place to get down at the other side. Even though he can usually get down on his own. He loves to have his belly rubbed but won't lay on his back to do it. He'll stand and arch his back so you can get your hand under him instead. If you lay him on his back he will struggle, and if that doesn't work he'll lay real still, looking around for an escape route, until you let him go.

He likes to run away when you come home - he'll run around the table or under the bed, but if you ignore him he'll creep out after you and start to whine, then when you turn around and reach for him he runs away again. Once you actually catch him the game is over and all he wants is to sleep in your lap. But when you take him for a walk you don't even need a leash...he just meanders around the yard, does his business, meanders some more, and eventually goes back to the door when he's ready. I just follow him and make sure nothing eats him ;). He doesn't eat much people food but LOVES goldfish crackers - he'll climb out on my arm to get one. He also likes to run back and forth on the back of the couch. Other than that, though, I think he's afraid of heights. He doesn't like stairs. Also, he doesn't bark. Except when he's at my house, my dad started playing with him when he was eating, and got him barking and growling to "protect" his food. Now half the time he won't eat at my house unless my dad plays with him first. He also won't eat on the floor. My parents got him eating on the armchair and now he won't eat anywhere else. When he's at home he usually brings his food to his bed, a few pieces at a time. Very entertaining to watch.

When we first got the cats, I still had Pablo living with me. They were 7 weeks old, and they would hiss at him. He'd just ignore them (he can't be bothered with other animal unless they get too close - I guess he didn't see them as much of a threat!), but it was so funny watching these teeny little kittens arching and hissing and you could barely even hear them. He came to visit just before Christmas and now they're bigger than him. So now he growls at them cuz he thinks they're trying to take his food (cuz they are LOL).

I could go on and on and on and...I'll stop now. :D

02-15-2007, 05:02 PM
They also love to play with foil balls and straws. (If your cat likes balls, try a little monkey in the middle...play catch with someone else and watch the cat go nuts :).)

My cat *loves* to play with foil balls. He'll bat them around the kitchen for hours. That is, until it goes through the basement door and down the steps... Then he'll sit at the top of the steps and whine. Toy mice are another favorite, as is his bumblebee and fishy toys from IKEA. Just the other night, he de-tailed one of the mice. The fun didn't stop there, as now he plays with the tail, and ignores that mouse.

02-15-2007, 05:21 PM
My cat *loves* to play with foil balls. He'll bat them around the kitchen for hours. That is, until it goes through the basement door and down the steps... Then he'll sit at the top of the steps and whine. Toy mice are another favorite, as is his bumblebee and fishy toys from IKEA. Just the other night, he de-tailed one of the mice. The fun didn't stop there, as now he plays with the tail, and ignores that mouse.

Stars and Stripes (we brought them home on July 3) like to play soccer with the balls, and also we'll throw them down the hall and they go tearing after them. They won't bring them back, though. They'll spend hours kicking a straw around too. Those get lost under doors, and we have to replace them when they get too chewed up. Last week I had to cut off half of a mouse tail cuz it was almost chewed through.

Pablo sleeps in the bed...I sleep on my side and he either curls up against my belly or behind my knees. He can also take up a lot of room when he wants to. I've woken up all the way on the edge of the bed while this 6 pound dog sprawls across the middle! My ex used to keep a glass of water on the headboard and we'd wake up in the middle of the night to Pablo drinking from it. (I just wonder how many times it happened and we didn't wake up..;).) And sometimes I'd wake up and he'd be laying on his back with his head on the pillow. The only time he'll lay on his back is when he's asleep.

One morning (when I was still with my ex) I woke up and my bf was laying behind me (spooning), and I look down and there's the dog, laying against my chest with back to me and his little paws curled around my arm. It was so cute I wish I could have taken a picture.

02-18-2007, 11:22 PM
Just the other night, he de-tailed one of the mice. The fun didn't stop there, as now he plays with the tail, and ignores that mouse.

Both my kitties love those little furry mice. My big one has chewed the asses off of most of them. I have a basket full of assless mice :lol:

My little one is quite the destructive one. I've only had her since May, but so far she has ruined...

-my cell phone charger
-my camera USB cable
-my cell phone headset
-my iPod headset

There are also kitten teeth marks on the top corner of my laptop screen :rolleyes:

02-20-2007, 04:32 PM
Both my kitties love those little furry mice. My big one has chewed the asses off of most of them. I have a basket full of assless mice :lol:

My little one is quite the destructive one. I've only had her since May, but so far she has ruined...

-my cell phone charger
-my camera USB cable
-my cell phone headset
-my iPod headset

Picturing a basket full of assless mice...:roll:

Stripes tries to eat my iPod headphones too. Anything that dangles is fair game to him, and if I leave them on the table, well, apparently it's snack time...

02-20-2007, 05:47 PM
Picturing a basket full of assless mice...:roll:

I'm :roll: at that one too! So far, I've only found one de-tailed mouse...but I'm sure there are others. He tends to hide his toys at times, usually behind the furnace or under the couch. Another favorite thing to play with is the cord for the blinds.

Kitty got pissed last night, because I had the basement door closed. He spent most of last night sitting in the kitchen and meowing at the door. Even though he has a litterbox upstairs, he likes being able to go down there and hide. Not sure why, since it's cold down there.

Also last night, he slept under my bed. Since bringing him home, he's stayed out of the bedroom, simply because I keep the door shut. I wasn't about to have him pounce on me at 3am :rolleyes: