View Full Version : Possible position change

Food Lady
07-18-2011, 03:21 AM
I am currently technically a cashier, though I do end up on the salesfloor or at the servce desk quite a bit. On the weekends, though, it's difficult for me to get away from being chained to the register. I am soooo burned-out on the tired jokes, people dilly-dallying when I have a long line, arguments about hangers, etc. Despite all the extra mental work that causes (due to a desire to avoid too much conflict), my brain is bored. One of our backroom people quit, so I talked to HR guy and he'll see what he can do. But my bosses have to agree to let me go, and HR guy is not sure they will be willing to give me up. I would love it, though: less customer contact (just pulling stuff from backroom for them, which I'm generally happy to do), task-orientation, more physical work (yay calorie-burning), a more regular schedule, music while I work. I did it somewhat before because as a planogram setter, I had to pull my own stock. So, if I get my wish, I could be like Irv part of the time, at least.