View Full Version : My coworker is EVIL, in a good way

07-20-2011, 09:43 PM
Last night, my coworker, "Sally", had a guest who wanted to extend their stay. The first two nights they were getting a special early booking rate, however, this 3rd night falls during an especially busy period, and that rate was no longer available. They were informed that the rate would be 116.99 for the 3rd night, and they whined about it.

So, a kid behind this couple is surfing on his cell phone, and tells them he found a rate online for our hotel @ 74.99. Sally, informs them that if they can book it at that rate we have to honor it, but due to the limited availability, we were closed out to all those internet bookings. They left to try to book it at the cheaper rate.

Sally, in the meantime double checked to make sure we WERE closed out, and we weren't. So, SHE closed it out, before they could book it online.:devil::lol:

She mentioned that the kid really ticked her off, as he was undermining what she was saying (and it really wasn't his business).


07-21-2011, 05:11 AM
i'm kinda mixed on that...

he didn't do anything wrong by finding them a better price
however the coworker went out of her way to lock that price out on purpose

07-21-2011, 06:36 AM
I guess I wasn't all that clear about the situation.

This couple had booked these rooms, and got a special rate for booking well in advance.

ATT we were/are nearly sold out, so our rate is higher.

This couple decided at the last minute to extend their stay, which means it wasn't available for the advanced booking rate.

This couple then spent several minutes whining and complaining about the higher rate. During that time, this kid finds a rate online for cheaper than the rate Sally quoted.

The rooms were SUPPOSED to be locked out from the online retailers, but for some reason weren't completely. Sally FIXED this issue, before the couple could book it online.

When I came in that night, she told me that she was evil, which is why I titled my post this way.