View Full Version : So I did the City 2 Surf yesterday....

08-14-2011, 11:26 PM
Well Yesterday was the big day.

Me and 85,000 others put on our runners and made the journey from Sydney's Hyde Park to Bondi Beach - 14km

The winner ran it in 41mins and was finished before my group had even started.

There were approx 25,000 in my group of joggers and walkers and we supposedly set a world record for the largest number of people doing simutanious stretching.

My goal was to walk the 14 km in as close to 2.5hours as possible

My time = 2hrs 38min!!!!:D:D:D (I have to wait a coulpe of days for my official time, this is according to my stop watch)

I wont lie, it was not an easy walk. Heartbreak Hill (which starts at the 6km mark) is 2.5km of hill with an incline of about 45 degrees. And the last 2km were the longest of my life. But I did it!!! And I have a medal to prove it :)

08-14-2011, 11:59 PM
Congrats on finishing!