View Full Version : A banner day, indeed!!

07-19-2006, 09:54 PM
Okay, I should really go out and buy a lottery ticket or something, because today I've had three - count 'em, 3! - happy-ending customer-service stories...

(1) I called one of our insurance carriers to get a problem fixed, and after leaving 3 messages for our so-called "account manager," called back to customer service, and got a fantastic CSR who basically tracked down the account lead and, within 10 minutes, I had a call back and got the problem fixed. Hooray! :D

(2) After getting a change to a prescription, I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, only to find that, somehow, the new info hadn't gotten through. So I called my doctor's office, and the receptionist went so far as to recommend a new pharmacy, call that pharmacy to confirm they had what I needed, transferred my Rx to the new place, then called me back to confirm...all in less than an hour. Dazzling! :D

(3) My fiance and I sent in paperwork to our bank for a new joint account almost 3 weeks ago, and hadn't heard anything at all. So I called, and the CSR put me on hold and went to the department who deals with new accounts to find out what happened!! They say they never got it - so he put me on hold again, contacted a supervisor in that department, told him what was going on, then gave me the supervisor's name & number should anything like that happen in future. Woo-hoo! :D

I'm just all smiles today because of this - things that could have easily become bigger problems didn't have the chance to because a few people took the extra step to prevent it. To them I say: :yourock: