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In the far future, earth is part of The Alliance of Planets. Officially there are 9 races that make up the Alliance, but unofficially there are 10.

Mercurians - Resembling the dwarfs of old with dark red skin, they are mechanics without peer. Their body is dense, giving them a bit more strength then what people think. Makes them tough and hardy.

Venetians - A matriarchal society, the men are no better then slaves. They are very warlike, and are some of the best fighters in the Alliance, but have issues with dealing with men as equals or taking orders from men. The males are not allowed to leave Venus.


Martians - Resembling the Elves of old, they are the artisans of the Alliance. Craftsmen without peer, and not shabby marksmen either.

Jupitarians - Tall, dark purple skinned, otherwise humanoid. They are able to survive extreme conditions. As a rite of passage they must 'surf' the eye of Jupiter. They are laid back and peaceful, with a 'surfer' like attitude.

Saturians (yes I know the names are not exactly creative) - A reptilian race, resembling humanoid cobras. Excellent stealth and infiltratators, they also have the regeneration ability of a reptile. Loosing a limb (besides the head) is hardly ever fatal, and the limb will grow back eventually.

Uranian - Crystalline life-form, made of what looks like ice..but it has the resistance and toughness more like diamond. They are masters at self defense and are as good at defense as Venetians are at offense. They are essentially immortal when it comes to how long they live, and never really stop growing. When they reach a certain size they join the others on pluto..essentially becoming living glaciers. The 'ancient Uranians are considered the unofficial race of the alliance.

Andromedians - The males are 9 foot tall, have six arms, and are light purple in color. They are rather slow and cumbersome, but do to a genetic oddity..their nerves do not transmit pain. It is almost impossible to hurt an Andromedian. They can be killed, but just never fight one hand to hand. The females are slightly smaller, and only have two arms.

In order to keep the peace, the Galaxy Rangers were formed. A combination military/police force, they have complete jurisdiction in the space between planets..and sometimes even on planets if criminals from other planets are present. As all the races have a different genetic makeup, they also have to pay attention for contraband, as something perfectly harmless to a Andromedian can kill a normal human.

Characters - Can be from any race in the Alliance except the ancient Uranians. They will be recent graduates from the Academy.

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ooo sign me up!!!

I'll do a martian!!!

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I wanna be a Saturian!!!

10-15-2011, 05:34 PM
Since creating names for alien beings might be a bit difficult...it is ok to use 'human' name equivalents.

What I need :).

Name of Character:
Specialty : (Pilot, Engineer, Investigator, Science officer, etc? What field are they studying?)

Now Sarlon...As a Martian you are very good at all aspects of art and crafting, but you get two specialties (one art, one crafting). They also can be something to do with each other. IE engraving and jewelcrafter.

Dragon_Wings Do not forget you have camouflage (like a chameleon)

10-15-2011, 10:26 PM
Name: Granya Aisling Yseult Blayne Connor. But she goes by Nya. Most people call her this, superiors and underlings alike (with a few exceptions). ((yes, i'm obsessed with Ireland/Celtic/all things Irish and/or Celtic))

Speciality: Intelligence officer. Uses the natural born skill of her species as well as the training she's gotten from the Academy.

10-16-2011, 03:15 AM
Sorry all, as usual I overlooked something. Thankfully the only one it affects (so far) has been understanding about it. As Saturians are evolved from Reptiles, they have a lot of the reptile traits. Cold blooded, shedding skin, poisonous bite (since they evolved from a cobra like creature, which is poisonous), ability to disjoint their skeletons to fit in areas that would otherwise be to small (there is a limit of course).

They can sense you without actually seeing you (like a snake, using the tongue) however they consider that sort of barbaric now. They shed skin once a year also. If anybody knows more about reptiles/snakes, pm me if I am forgetting something :D

10-17-2011, 02:44 AM
Name of Character: Tolana Keiban Polra Masi (people call her masi)

Specialty : engineer (race specality small electronic ex: scanners, "cellphones", handheld items)

10-19-2011, 07:25 PM
Very tentative back story/history to my character (subject to change):

Saturian intelligence officer.

She's in fine physical form, not the strongest or most powerful but agile, fast, and with tons of stamina.

Her body is a human body with tough scaly like skin. When she's in her most neutral state her skin is a light green. It will lighten to almost white or darken to a medium-dark green with her moods. Though as part of her training she has learned to control that to a massive degree. Only when she's off duty and having fun will she allow herself to display her emotions so openly.

She excels at blending into her surroundings rendering her unnoticable.

She has a innate empathic ability that's been honed by her studies at the Academy.

Her mother is dead. She died when she was young. Her father was only a part of her life until her mother died. She was raised by her extended family (which is huge). She has a bunch of older siblings and a half a dozen younger siblings. She's never been a big fan of her family. They are well off (not rich but have enough to have a lot of luxuries) and extremely active in planet politics. She doesn't agree with the political beliefs of most of her family. None of her family but a few outcast members approved of her decision to attend the Academy. She actually had more then a few powerful family members try to sabotage her in qualifying. And occasionally they've tried to get her kicked out or sully her rank and reputation. As such she has little to do with her family. The members that like and approve of her know not to advertise it or acknowledge it, nor to contact her because the could be used in an effort to blackmail or influence her.

She doesn't have many close friends, but those select few she's closest with she considers family. The family she didn't have growing up.

In her free time she reads, practices her fighting forms, and studies military history and strategies.

While in the Academy she excelled at all the subjects she took. Though because of potential sabotage via her families connections she didn't participate as much as she may have liked. She was in the top 5 percentile and graduated with distinction. Most of her teachers and classmates/fellow cadets liked her.

She has a high moral fiber and does not condone murder. She entered the Academy so that she may help do much good in a harsh world and prevent any unnecessary death.

She had known for years that her mother was murdered but she didn't know who did it or why until she last year at the Academy. She found out unintentionally by overhearing a conversation between a member of her family and a Saturian government official on a leisure cruise while on leave.

Nya's mother apparently was against the current government and rallying support to overthrow it. She had amassed a great many allies in a few decades and was deemed too much of a threat to live. In a show of loyalty to the government one of Nya's older sisters was asked to murder her own mother for a position of power.

She will not lie for she has seen more then her share of lies, half truths and flat out deceit.

She love all animals but has a connection to lizards, snakes, and cats. She has many lizards, a snake, and two cats.

I wrote all that over the course of a few hours.

10-19-2011, 08:15 PM
Ok, looks like it is time to start the IC. See how it goes :D

10-19-2011, 08:54 PM
*is all excited*

10-20-2011, 02:03 AM
been playing to much mass effect lately, but i can envision her as a elfen based kaylee (from serenity) with out the fear of guns.....but with the personality of Mordin solus (http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Mordin_Solus).

quick minded her thoughts often run 90 steps ahead of her actual speaking pattern, often giving the impression of a stutter.

she is a 9th generation martian to enter the academy, but only the second to join under the engineer corps.

using my favorite term....she doesn't so much have a family tree... more like a family forest with a large extended family. She is the 8th child of 12, but the only girl. shes used to a rough and tumble life where basically if it wasn't broken and you weren't dead you were ok. She is pretty much a tom boy much to distaste of her mother.

her aim is deadly and spot on accurate with some minor skills in snipering (sniping?), but she prefers the more mundane small side arm and engineering tools to anything large and heavy.

her name while long and complicated is actually tracing her family line (another pull from mass effect btw)
Tolana --> region
Keiban --> village
Polra --> last name/family name
Masi --> first name

general description:

height: 5 feet 9 inches
weight: 145 pounds (slender build all lean muscle)
hair: platinum blonde cut in a pge boy style falling just to the collar.
eyes: emerald green with flecks of gold
skin: deeply tanned
Off duty clothing: tunic and slacks, usually loose and earthy tones with strong hints of red and purple.
standard items:
- small belt pouch type device to hold most standard tools required in engineering and repair.
- small side arm
- any diagnostic tools that are handy to have but easy to carry.

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If you have no questions post so here, and I will make another update :D

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So...shall we skip ahead to where you two get to the bar? :D

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I'm for it...don't know about dragon though.

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I'm good with that. Sorry, I'm at work posting when I can. One question though: how is shape changing thingie gonna help my character with this?

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you can take on the apperance of the people we take care of, take their places and sell them on the idea that I'm the ONLY emchanic they need ;)

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*nods* You point the device at the kidnapped pirate, and you become the pirate. At least in appearance, you will even sound like them :D

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K. Of course if I'd check the in character thread first I'd have known that. Lol.

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The challenge (if you go after the female) will be to separate her from the bobsy twins (not the actual name but meh). Did I forget to mention that the female is Mercurian and the guys are Andromedon (hehe sometimes I am not sure I am spelling my own creatures names right)

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Ok, when you two get a chance, need the plan for getting one of the three alone if you are going to capture one. Do not forget you do have a Uranian, who would be good at knocking people out. :D

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I'm off until Monday but I'm pretty wiped out and may crash early tonight (Saturday mornings in retail hell, ugh).
As too what to do next, maybe Masi or Nya could lure the twins away? Idk. My brain's on empty (:P) and I have no clue what to do?

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Luring is good, but it is up to you two to figure out what would lure the two away :p. Didn't think I was gonna make it too easy did ya? :D Also...sleep is gooood!

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Of course you wouldn't make it easy. :P I'm just not very creative or inventive at the moment. My brain is so fried. And yes sleep is amazing. I got almost 8 hours of sleep last night for the first time in a while. It was awesome.

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Well, if no update by you two by tomorrow morning, guess I will have to have Sho get creative :p

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Masi's gonna opt for staying back in the main part of the bar tinkering.

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Which means it'll be just me and Mytical for this part I guess.

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well you guys are supposed to get her in as a mechanic

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Plus this is fun and an awesome distraction. :)

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*nods* a note on the IC. It is genetically impossible for the three to be brothers and sister..so chances are if they are indeed brothers and sister it would have to be adoption :D.

Now as for relaxing, relaxing is good.

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Ah. Got it. Hey I feel some of my friends on Facebook are family and I've never met then irl. Family comes in all shapes and forms. But yeah. Understood.

Relaxing is good. I may decide to drink tonight (I don't drink much and after a black out inducing drinking session a while back I'm less inclined to drink on my own. Drinking my sis and bil? Fun! Same with my bf and his friends.)

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Now I can't figure out how to approach Masi, whether have them ask her or Nya ask her. Gah. Lol.

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Never mind think I got an idea.

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*laughs* Something to think about then :D

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What do you mean?

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You said that you were unsure if you should have others approach or you should. Said it is something to think about.

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Lol. Sometimes I make on sense to myself. :P I can only imagine what it's like for others.

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Guess we wait till Sarlon can join us now :D

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Well I could approach her but that can wait I guess. Yay this is fun.

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*nods* Might be a good idea to do that..both must keep in mind that she has no way of knowing you were successful .. yet. :D

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Exactly. She is aware of what the chick I'm impersonating looks like, right?

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Yes, yes she is.

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Damn. And here I thought it was an original quote. Whoops. Lol.

Yeah I don't really know what to do next IC. Hopefully I can think of something tomorrow. (Halloween parade with my sis and her family tomorrow night! Woohoo!)

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you and i should have a nice long post and leave mytical in the dust to catch up ;)

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Eta: disclaimer: I am not actually evil.

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Sleep well. ^_^

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Nobody looks familiar, but you are in a base with some of the worst criminals in the known Galaxy..everybody looks suspect..well besides the third in charge. Him you could pass in a crowd and never know it..he is very..forgettable.

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It's ok Myt. School comes first. And your new job. :hug: Post when you have time.