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10-31-2011, 11:30 PM
It's too damn hard and I'm gettin' too damn old to break 'em in nowadays.:(

I know I've barely posted lately (been busy with crazy work schedule and remodeling at home, which is coming to a head - more on that in OT soon) but last week at work has been interesting, to say the least.

We've lost our Assistant Manager as of this past Friday . . . Cool DM decided that my old store needed more experienced help (apparently Cheetah has moved back to his former territory, as those stores are now undergoing remodeling and a new store manager has taken over at the Gate store) so Opie (who has been our AM for over 4 years now) has been sent back to the Gate, and we're getting their AM.

I had the occasion to meet this new AM a couple of weeks ago (I was asked to go back to the Gate to run the HBC delivery b/c their person went on vacation and the managers didn't remember so they could schedule coverage.) He seems okay but I haven't worked with this one long enough to learn him or his way of working (Opie, OTOH was like an old shoe - we all pretty much knew how he was and how he liked to do things. He's also really good with the computer assisted ordering system that we went on this past summer, so that may be one of the reasons why he was transferred.)

Nature Boy decided to do something for him last week, which was going to the local BBQ place and getting lunch last Thursday (I missed out on that, since it was well over with by the time I got to work at 2 pm - bummer, I love BBQ:()

Our mood has been generally blah over the week since we found out. Friday I worked a 10-6 shift - turned out Princess (one of our cashiers) didn't know Opie was leaving (she's crazy over him) - sadly we couldn't come up with a plot to stop him from leaving the store (he snuck out around 5 and when I had a moment to peek out into the parking lot, his truck was gone.)

It's okay, though - I suggested to Princess we go over to the other store and chew him up for leaving without telling us bye. (but then I think I scared him Wednesday when I told him I heard he was leaving and I didn't want to train another Ass Man. :p)

Be interesting to see how this new one does the scheduling . . .Opie had just started scheduling me off on Sundays and Mondays due to the new truck schedule (which started last week - we get trucks on Mon, Wed and Fri every week now -my stuff comes on Monday but the grocery truck comes so late -7:30 at night - that it's easier to schedule me to come in on Tuesday and work all day to work up my stuff.) This I don't mind - I basically have a weekend off, it's just now that my Saturday is on Sunday and my Sunday is Monday. ;)

So yet the wheels of management has turned again . . but we still have Nature Boy, who is still as hyper as ever. That's one bright spot.:lol:

11-02-2011, 03:38 AM
Hrm...just a thought...but if Princess has the hots for the outgoing AM, and IF he might be open to same -- having him at a different, not-too-far-away store (if that is the case) might actually make things easier on them. Most companies have "no inter-office relationship" policies within any given physical location due to the potential for favoritism...but it's damn hard to show favoritism for someone who doesn't even work at yer store ... :angel: