View Full Version : Happy Thanksgiving!

11-24-2011, 05:18 AM
A wish to one and all (even those who don't celebrate it);).

Anyone do anything special for the holiday?

I bring in pumpkin pies, whipped cream, egg nog and apple cider every year (employees only:p).


11-24-2011, 06:01 PM
Same here from this neck of the woods. :wave:

We're eating a bit late, as our plans changed a bit this year. No going to Dad's as my brother and I normally do - he and my stepmom cancelled this year's feast due to both my stepmom's parents dealing with health issues and my stepmom is just too exhausted to even know what day it is, let alone cook for a crowd.

So Mom and I have been at it since early this morning. We were up until around midnight last night getting the dining room finished up (we finally got some of the furniture moved out over the weekend into another room) and now the table is set, the bird is in the oven (which I had to turn the temp down to 300 from 325 just a short time ago - the top of the turkey is already brown but the rest isn't even close to done and was put in shortly before 12.)

We've got the potato salad and deviled eggs done already. I have a cheesecake sampler in the fridge (and a box of wine, which I'm probably going to empty by the time this day is over with:eek:) and still have to put together the sweet potato casserole and the dressing.

Unfortunately, we had a mishap with our pound cake a short time ago - and I can still smell the burning smell. The top of the cake was black - and needed a chainsaw to cut through to check the doneness - and the bottom was still runny. :jawdrop: So now we're carefully watching the turkey and we'll probably have to call either tomorrow or the first of the week for another service call on the oven to check the thermostat (and we just had a new heating element put in a few weeks ago b/c the original one burnt out.)

And my baby sis and her b/f are coming over between 3:30 and 4 to eat with us. Dingbat's bringing Cherry Delight and ice cream, so we'll have plenty of sweet stuff for dessert.

I've been going almost nonstop this week . . . between work and coming home to do more stuff on the house, I may be asleep by the time they get here.:lol:

Let's hope we get through this alive . . . and I have to go right back to work in the morning at 7:cry: