View Full Version : Beggers are getting pretty aggressive

11-29-2011, 05:36 PM
So we were headed to kmart yesterday just to pick up some stuff that was on sale. As we pulled off the highway on the bridge there was a begger. Well this asshole came all the way up to our window just maybe two inches away and forcing us to look at his sign.
My mom being the loudmouth she is rolled down the window and screamed get the fuck away from my car NOW cause at this point me and dad were getting freaked out. The guy didn't even flinch he walked around our car and went to the car next to ours and did the same thing. That woman pulled out her cell phone and called the police. By the time we pulled into Kmart we seen the cops there talking to him and he wasn't there when we came out.
Now what makes me mad is that this is a BUSY highway and this dumbass was on the off ramp. There is barely enough room for two lanes of cars, alone this dumbass. Also what the hell is wrong with him that hes brave enough to walk inches from someones car window and stick a sign in their face. Also he was walking inbetween cars stopped at a red light. Also I should mention that it was night time and it had been icing and raining all day.

11-29-2011, 08:26 PM
I'm thinking he was looking for a quick payday by "accidentally" falling under a car