View Full Version : Feeling rather accomplished

12-01-2011, 07:21 AM
I have all my xmas presents bought, wrapped, and shipped off, except for boyfriends and his mother's. HE is in charge of sending off her presents. I wrapped them though. I picked it out too, he just agreed that it was nice and better than what we originally picked, cheaper too.(Hawaiian jewelry, there was a sale going on a couple days before Thanksgiving that we took advantage of.)

We spent about $350 this year on presents for everyone(I'm including what I spent on his presents as well in this). Plus what ever he spent on my presents.

So yeah, presents will arrive before xmas, and on his next day off we're clearing the area the tree goes in and putting up the little tree we got last year... with this year's Yoda ornament.(We get a new ornament each year, this year since we plan to spend xmas playing Star Wars: The Old Republic after opening presents we decided to get a Star Wars themed ornament.)

12-01-2011, 07:00 PM
Yay! I feel kinda accomplished as well...I've done part of what you mentioned. I got all my shopping done for the holidays (I like that I only have three people to buy for) and I got everything ordered and shipped last night. The only crappy thing was, for some reason, one of my BF's gifts couldn't be delivered to my PO box, so I had to have it sent to his house. And I made him promise not to open it until I could wrap it. Fucking Amazon - it's not even a large gift. They're just being pissants.

I didn't do too bad price-wise either - I think I spent a bit under $200.